Why the Nursing Field is a Perfect Fit for Single Mothers

No mother really truly ever expects to be in a position where she has to raise her children all on her own. The reality of single motherhood doesn’t always hit you at first. While you’re busy watching your tiny baby grow and thrive, the stress of starting a college fund or how you’re going to afford school clothes is still so far off that you are generally still able to enjoy the moment. Then, one day it hits when realize that you need to work longer hours to support your child, but in turn, you’re going to have to sacrifice that personal bonding time because of financial constraints. This is why many single mothers turn to online doctoral nursing programs so they can get into a career that enables them to be a big part of their kid’s lives. Many nurses can coordinate their shifts to coincide with their children’s sleep schedules or even work when their children are with their fathers.

It is No Longer Easy to Survive in a Single Income Household

Even if your current job pays you well above minimum wage it is very hard to support on just one
income. Employers can reduce work schedules so that they pay less in wages, as well as offer minimal benefits packages. Single mothers who have to pay for child care can quickly burn up most of their disposable income just so that they can go to work. You may want to choose a BSN to DNP online course that can be completed in between little league baseball practices and parent teacher meetings, as you will still need a way to be there for your children.

The Nursing Field Makes You Accessible to Your Children

Many warehouse workers have to leave their personal possessions in their cars, including their cell phones. If your children are old enough to communicate with you via text, you might need to wait until your lunch break just to be able to say hello to them. There are other employment options that are just as restrictive when it comes to making and accepting personal phone calls when they aren’t true emergencies. This can be heartbreaking for children and parents alike who long for the chance to simply remain connected throughout the day. As long as you are able to perform your duties as a nurse, you are allowed and even encouraged to keep your cell phone on you so that everyone who is important in your life can stay in touch.

The Nursing Field Offers Upward Mobility

Members of the medical field aren’t likely to see stagnant wages. In addition, new job opportunities are always appearing when you have a nursing degree. Instead of worrying about your pay check keeping up with the rate of inflation, you can actually start to plan for that Disney World vacation. For mothers who have struggled in the past to provide for their children, the nursing industry can be the best opportunity they come across.

Becoming a nurse isn’t the same as hitting the lottery, but for many single mothers, it can feel exactly that way. Being able to care for your children and still be in their lives on an everyday basis sometimes is seen as a luxury. Though you have a duty to care for your children, you should still be able to live comfortably.

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