Silly Tees from Good Times Fo’ Sho’!

Silly Tees from Good Times Fo’ Sho’!

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We’ve reviewed a number of t-shirts here on the blog, but these have to be some of my boy’s favorites! Theshirts are very soft, and the graphics are so cute and silly! Good Times Fo’ Sho’ offers quality t-shirts, tank tops, raglan sleeve tees, and ugly Christmas sweaters that are sure to make everyone smile.

My youngest got this adorable tee with a T-Rex walking a cute little poodle. I think it’s my very favorite out of all of the t-shirts they offer. The adult medium fits him perfectly (that’s his normal size in a t-shirt, so they are all pretty true to size). The colors pop, and he even commented on how soft the shirt is. Both of the boys are ADHD, so if there is any little thing, they end up leaving a perfectly good shirt in the drawer and never wearing it. This picture was taken as soon as he got it, but he’s already worn this shirt a couple of times!

One of the silly tees my boys chose from Good Times Fo' Sho'

My oldest chose this “Teach Me How To Puggy” sweatshirt. Again the shirt is very soft, and the colors are fabulous. The graphics are wonderful, and so cute!He says he thinks he should have gotten a size larger (this one is an Adult small). It fits but he likes things to be a little loose, so we may end up giving it to one of his younger cousins (they have ALL put in dibs on it already!). He said he loves how it feels and I’m sure he’ll wear it at least a couple of times before passing it down.

One of the silly tees my boys chose from Good Times Fo' Sho.

I’m thinking I’ll order the Milkshake Sweater for myself. It has Santa shaking his booty on the front with a bunch of toys all around him, and it says, “My milkshake brings all the toys to the yard”! It will be great for our families ‘Ugly Sweater Contest’ at Christmas.

These are only some of the silly tees and sweaters that Good Times Fo’ Sho’ has up for grabs. You really need to go check them out for yourself. Keep them in mind when you are doing Christmas shopping too (ugh, yes, I said it – and I said it in JULY).

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  1. Michelle Tamasa says:

    My son loves silly shirts like these!

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