What’s On The Hook? WIP Wednesday

What’s On The Hook? WIP Wednesday

So, What IS On The Hook?

Box of finished crochet projects - all off the hook.

I have a large box in my craft room that holds all the crochet I have finished. These amazing items are supposed to be in my Etsy Shop (DancingRoosterFarm). Unfortunately the summer has had me so busy, I can’t seem to finish anything I start. What’s worse is, there’s still 2/3rds of the summer left. I have so many things on the hook that I want to finish and get into the shop as well.

Here’s what I have on the hook at the moment…

Ellie Doll by CAROcreated Design - on the hook.

At the moment I’m working on an adorable baby doll. Her name is Ellie and she was created by CAROcreated Design. I’m not very far along on her, but I’ll have her finished before Summer is over. I hope to have her finished by the time I come back from vacation.

Shark-A-Jack designed by Dennis van den Brink- on the hook.

I’m also working on Shark-A-Jack for Shark Week! Shark-A-Jack was designed by Dennis van den Brink. He’s so cute, I just had to make him. I’ve had the pattern for a while, but I have hundreds of patterns. I finally just decided it was time. I’m making him in DK yarn, so he’s bigger than what I think the pattern pictures show. He’ll be nice for hugging.

Tommy/Mia designed by Havva Unlu- on the hook.

Last, but not least by any means, I’ve started Tommy the Gardener by designer Havva Unlu. He is so so sweet. At this point I could make him or Mia (his sister) but I really have my heart set on Tommy. I have several of their outfits to make as well.

So, yes, I’m busy. I am going to visit my dad and stepmom for a week and then go visit my mom and my stepdad for a week. I do this every summer, but it’s getting more and more important to me the older we all get. Hug your parents if you still have them around. Let them know how important they are to you.

That’s What’s On The Hook

So, that’s all on my hooks. I know, it’s a lot. I’ll get it all finished, and everything in the shop as soon as I get back in town. I’ll also be posting some recipes here on the blog that include the use of essential oils. The recipes will be for DIY Beauty products, and cleaning products. I use Young Living essential oils in these recipes. If you’ve been thinking about trying essential oils, you will love Young Living. You can check out my Young Living website HERE.

What kind of recipes are you interested in seeing? 


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