MOJO Aromatherapy Slap Bracelets from Aravinda

MOJO Aromatherapy Slap Bracelets from Aravinda

Take Your Aromatherapy With You!

MOJO Aromatherapy Slap Bracelets from Aravinda

I was recently approached to try the new MOJO aromatherapy/color therapy slap bracelets by Aravinda. These will be coming up on KickStarter in the very near future. Because I use essential oils daily, I wanted to share this whole idea with you! The bracelets are the same principle as the slap bracelets I used to wear way back when I was in school. You simply slap them on your wrist and they roll right on. The way the MOJO bracelets differ, is you drop a few drops of your favorite essential oils on the bracelet. This way, you have that scent with you all day.

Slap Bracelets with Benefits!

MOJO bracelets come in four different colors. The orange is “Energized” (physical energy), the green is “Inspired” (mental health), the blue is “Relaxed” (calm) and the Purple is “Blessed” (spiritual strength). Aravinda makes corresponding essential oil blends for each bracelet, but you can use what ever corresponding oils you wish to use.

The "Energized" MOJO Aromatherapy slap bracelet.

I used Citrus Fresh on my “Energized” bracelet because I knew I would need the energy that day. It did brighten my day, as I could smell the Citrus Fresh every time I moved my arm. You could also match them to your outfits if you wanted!

These bracelets are a pretty unique idea. I really like that they help me keep the scent with me where ever I go. I kind of wish these had been around with my boys (who are ADHD) were in school. I would have made them wear one with a ‘focus’ oil blend on test days!!

Aravinda has been so nice, to offer to let me give away two bracelets! I’ll also be giving away two more in our upcoming Falling into Fall Giveaway Hop! So, go to the form below, and enter to win!



  1. Regina says:

    I like the Blessed (Spiritual Health). Thanks!

  2. Michelle Tamasa says:

    I like the blue relaxed one, but I’m not sure what the associated accent would be… Clary sage?

    • The first thing I thought of was Peace & Calming (a Young Living blend), but Clary Sage sounds like a good idea as well! Anything that helps you calm down and chill out would be perfect.

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