Finding the Right Used Vehicle For You

Finding the Right Used Vehicle For You

What is the ‘right’ used vehicle?

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It’s no secret that a few years ago, we bought a new (to us) used truck for Hubby. He’s wanted a big 4 wheel drive truck since I met him. He came home from work (every day for two solid weeks) talking about this truck he’d seen at a used car dealership close to the house. I somehow knew he’d end up with it in the driveway. When we laid out the down payment, he looked at me and promised we’d get me a newer used vehicle as soon as the truck was paid off. In one more year, that time will arrive, but until then, I’m driving Ol’ Blue.

My faithful Jeep - Ol' Blue

HOW To Find The Right Used Vehicle

I’ll be the first one to tell you that I don’t know much about buying a vehicle. Thankfully, Hubby knows cars and can fix almost any older (pre-computerized) car we get. I do know it takes a while to find what you want, so I’ve been keeping my eyes open. Looking for a car can get very frustrating, so Hubby and I like to stop and browse the local used lots on the weekends. It’s helping me decide what I do, and do not want in a vehicle.

One thing I know I want for sure, is something super safe. I need to feel comfortable hauling around grandchildren. That means something that is big enough to fit car seats for the few grandchildren that still use them. Did you know does car seat checks? You can schedule one for yourself!

Car seats should always be securely anchored!

There are a lot of ways to go about finding a good, safe used vehicle. I check every time. All the information you need is right there. I really love finding the 1 Owner Guaranteed vehicles. I’ve been browsing every now and then to see if I can find anything I’m really interested in. So far, tall I really know is that I definitely want cruise control. Thank goodness I still have until March to find something.

What do you look for in a vehicle? How do you like what you are driving now?

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