Take Note – Communicating Offline For That Personal Touch

Take Note – Communicating Offline For That Personal Touch

Do you ever handwrite anymore? There are apps for shopping lists and reminders. The alarms are pretty handy too. Then there are all those messaging apps, emails, text messages and FaceBook posts. We even type instead of hand-write at work. Even professional writers don’t need to handwrite anymore. Does that make us more ambidextrous?

Musings and wonderings aside, there is a lot more to be said for handwriting a message these days. It means you’ve taken the time and effort to go find a pen and a bit of paper for a start! Unlike your phone, they don’t tend to be in your pocket or your handbag these days. With the boom in online greetings card ordering, there seems to be little need to handwrite your sentiments to a loved one. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still do it.

Take Note - Communicating Offline For That Personal Touch

Even if your handwriting is nothing more than the trail of a drunken spider, you can express so much more than with a default font in your email app. There might be emojis online, but a hand sketched drawing can mean so much more. It’s more versatile, and it’s so much more personal for the recipient. It shows you care and that you want to share a little bit more of yourself.

The choice of stationery or paper is quite important too. Most of us never print out emails or texts or social media posts. They all exist out there somewhere. A piece of paper can be kept forever – a keepsake. It can be held and treasured. And when you’ve taken the time to use something a little more special like these embossed monogram note cards, then it means so much more to the recipient.

What should be said in a handwritten note? Words of affection or endearment are ideally suited to the humble hand-crafted message. Of course, what grandparent doesn’t love to see their five or six-year-old grandchild’s letter of thanks for their birthday gift? Even cards stuck to a bouquet of flowers are often handwritten (probably by the florist.) Special messages need special attention. So why not take the time and care to craft a few words with a pen?

Take Note - Communicating Offline For That Personal Touch

Would you be willing to learn calligraphy? The finer art of handwriting can be incredibly beautiful. It requires much care and attention to detail. A steady hand is quite helpful too! Did you know that studies of your handwriting might reveal some of your personality traits? Some larger corporations still demand handwriting samples from applicants. Perhaps it’s worth spending a little time neatening your own scrawl after all!

We have become so accustomed to communicating through digital media that few of us spend much time with handwriting. Even young children are quicker at texting than using a pencil. Of course, predictive text certainly speeds things up for our young readers! If you have something important to say, why not grab some elegant notepaper and good pen? Write it with feeling – your handwriting can express all the sentiment of what you have to say.

Do you ever write handwritten notes any more? How often?

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