Fall & Winter Checklist: Is Your Home Ready?

Fall & Winter Checklist: Is Your Home Ready?

As the temperature is changing, the color of the leaves are too. The days will get shorter, and we are likely to be spending much more time at home to be warm and cozy. But in order to do so in comfort, then there are a few things that you need to check around the home, to make sure that everything is in working order. If you make this home fall checklist a tradition at this time of the year, it means you can enjoy fall and winter in comfort.


Check Your Heating System

With any luck, you won’t have been using your heating system over the summer. So it might be the first time in a long time that it has been used. Which is why it needs to be checked regularly to see that it is still all working well. If there are cracks in pipes, air in radiators, or damage to your furnace, then you need to know now, before the cold temperatures really kick in. You might need to look into furnace replacement, as well as bleeding radiators or checking pipes. It can also be a good idea to check your windows to make sure that you can’t feel any air coming through. If you can, it will make your heating much less efficient. You can get sealing kits from most hardware stores quite easily if needed. They can just be put around the plastic of your window frame to keep the heat inside. You don’t want your heating bills to be costing you a fortune if they don’t have to.

Check Your Chimney

If you have a fireplace and chimney, then now is the time to make sure that it is all in good working order. Using a chimney that is blocked can be pretty hazardous to you all, as it will leave the smoke in the home. So first of all, have a look and check on the condition of your chimney. Ideally, it should have a sweep at least once a year. So when was the last time your chimney was cleaned out? With fall here, many leaves and other debris can clog it up. So it is worth checking sooner rather than later. Checking the fireplace itself is a good idea too. Is it lighting well? Do you have enough wood for the winter to keep you warm? Then when all of these are working and in place, it can mean cozy nights in by the fire can actually happen.

Your chimney sweep should be on your home fall checklist


Inspect Your Gutters

The leaves changing color also means the leaves falling off the trees. The leaves can fall into our gutters, making it much more likely for leaks or blockages to happen. If your gutters are filled with leaves and water, then what do we think will happen when it is freezing temperatures? That’s right; the water will freeze, and it can even lead to our gutters breaking. So inspecting it regularly, especially throughout fall, is a really good idea.

Check Your Fire Alarms

With fall and winter being the time that are much more likely to have candles lit in the home, as well as string lights and fireworks, which are all hazards, then it can mean that a fire in the home can be more likely. While they are still pretty uncommon, it can happen. So making sure that your fire alarm is up to scratch and working can be one of the most important things that you’ll do over the next few weeks. Review your fire evacuation plan with your family too. Can you all remember what to do?

Garden tools should be on your home fall checklist.


Maintain Your Yard

Leaves look good on the trees, but not as much on our yards. So raking the leaves up into piles is a good idea, as it can be easier to bag up. I know that some people will like to burn the leaves, but small animals like hedgehogs can nest in them. So it can be safer for all to put the leaves into garden waste bags. Clearing leaves makes the yard not only look nicer but makes it safer too. Leaves that get rained on and then frozen can be much more slippery than grass even can be. So clearing leaves is a good idea for many reasons.

Think about your yard furniture too; does it need to be outside anymore? Certain chairs or umbrellas can be packed away until you need to use them next year. It will help them to stay in good condition if they’re not left out all year long. You can switch off and disconnect your garden hose so that it doesn’t freeze any water that is left in it. If that happens, it can break the hose or cause holes in it. So again, pop that away for now.

Sort Your Garage

A lot of things that you have in the garage will actually come into use over the following weeks. Are your snowblower and snow chains handy, should you need to grab them in an emergency? Make sure that you have things like leftover gas from gas-powered equipment emptied and stored elsewhere. Otherwise, in something like a lawnmower, it can mean the fuel lines can get clogged as a sediment can build up over time. Do you have any emergency generators or extra lighting stored away that you can get out? Take some time to go through your garage, and you’ll probably find quite a few things that would have got forgotten about otherwise.

If you have an emergency generator, and you live in a place where you are susceptible to extreme weather and temperatures, then checking that it is still working is a good idea. Just make sure that you don’t do it in the house or in the garage, as it can be hazardous.

Are there any other things that you like to do to get your home ready for fall and the holiday season? would love to hear what you think and what works for you to get ready.

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