Forget Me Not: First Christmas Gifts With Staying Power

A baby’s first Christmas is always a big deal. The adults in their lives go all out to make it special for them, and buy gifts galore. In fact, most children probably get more for their first Christmas than any other. After all, you only have ONE first Christmas. It’s crucial to make it important. So, if your child has a first Christmas coming up this year, the chances are that you’re already starting to buy for the occasion. The more toys, the better.

Baby's first Christmas should be special.

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But, there is a distinct issue with making such a big thing of a baby’s first Christmas. While you and the other adults involved will enjoy the experience, you can guarantee your child won’t actually remember anything. As such, you could argue that all your efforts will go to waste. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Before you buy yet another toy, try turning your attention to gifts which will ensure this day has lasting power for years to come. Here are a few which would do the trick.

Personalized decorations

Nothing says staying power like a personalized bauble, like those offered by companies like Zoey’s Attic Personalized Gifts. We all get the same decorations out year and again, and many of them have sentimental value. So, why not slip a lasting reminder of this baby’s first Christmas into the collection by investing in a decoration with the date on it? You could even get a picture printed so that it’s a constant visual reminder of how adorable they were. These are a reasonably inexpensive way to keep the first Christmas memories strong. And, once your child moves out and gets a tree of their own, they can take the decoration for themselves. With a bit of luck, it could even become a hand-me-down to their children. It really would be a gift which keeps on giving!

An outfit to cherish

Or, you could opt for an outfit with the same hand-me-down qualities. The personalized route is an option here, too. An outfit printed especially for the occasion is sure to have lasting power. Again, you could get the date printed, or a picture of the recipient. Or, you could opt for a Christmas themed outfit, and a beautiful box to keep it in. There are some adorable baby Christmas outfits on the market, ranging from elves to Christmas puddings. Take your pick, and make sure you buy quality options with lasting power.

A photo album

Photographs are a fantastic way to spread happiness, so why not make the most of them here? They also happen to be a fantastic way to capture memories, so they’d serve your purpose perfectly. An empty photo album may seem like a strange gift, but you can fill it with pictures you take throughout the day. That way, there will be a step by step record of how the day progresses. When that baby grows up, they’ll remember every last detail as though they could recall it happening.


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