Gift Hampers for Your Loved One

Gift Hampers for Your Loved One

Whether you’re going to consider doing this for a special occasion such as birthdays or Christmas, or just a nice treat, gift hampers are the perfect gift. You can go so many different ways with them, and the thought that goes into them really shows you care. You don’t have to put tons of things in there, and the items don’t need to be cheap, but they do have to be carefully planned. Sometimes it’s easy for the man to get neglected in a relationship, so this is the perfect way of showing him you care. If you want to go all out, you’ll need to buy a wooden hamper and some paper to shred up. Both are pretty easy to source from the supermarket, or arts and crafts store if there’s one close.

Gift Hampers or Baskets make great gifts for loved ones!



A comfort hamper is perfect for times when he is constantly tired or run down from work. It’s so easy for the stresses of life to spill over into the relationship. A comfort hamper is designed to bring all these stresses down, and focus on relaxation. Start with a bar or two of his favourite chocolate or sweets, there’s nothing better than comfort food. Put in some felt slippers for those times that he just wants to come in, put some joggers and slippers on, and watch the football. Then you could throw in something a little more expensive such as a voucher for a back massage. Men work so hard during the day, and can often be left with annoying aches and pains. A back massage would be a real comfort treat. A nice warm woolly jumper to keep him warmer during the autumn and the coming winter months, and a good DVD that he can kick his feet up to will be perfect.


Food is the way to any man’s heart, and woman’s as it goes. There’s nothing they love more than a big hearty meal at the end of a working day. So fill the hamper with all the foods that he loves. Obviously, you can’t really put any fresh food in there, so think sweet treats, crisps, cakes etc. If you want to really push the boat out a bit, then get him a voucher for his favourite restaurant. Not only will be it a nice addition to the hamper, it’ll be a lovely future date night for you both. Think of drinks as well a food. If your man is a beer guy, get him a few cans of his favourite beer. If he’s more of a sweet tooth person, source his favourite fizzy drink and throw it in. You could also put in a nice cheese board set in if he has a taste for it. Literally any of his favourite foods, just add in until you’ve filled the hamper.

You can find all differently themed gift hampers.



Some men are into sports, some men are into gaming. We’re going to look at the more controversial one. Gaming was probably something your partner spent most of his teenage years locked away doing. If you’re unlucky, he’ll still be spending a lot of his evenings gaming now. Treat him to that new favourite game he’s been banging on about. Alongside that, look to fill the hamper with little accessories. Collectable figures, posters, things like that. If you’re struggling with this one, like you most likely will be, head into the local gaming store and ask for opinions. You might also be interested in purchasing things that’ll improve his game play. Maybe a new headset or a themed controller from his favourite game.


Although all the other hampers are meaningful, as you have put a lot of thought and effort into them, and meaningful hamper goes that little bit further. First, frame your favourite picture of the both of you. Then think of things such as a photo album of all of the places you’ve been and the things you’ve done. If you want to put in something he can keep for life, think of an engraved necklace. This meaningful hamper just needs to be filled of things that mean something to you both. Men like it just as much as women to see the love in a relationship. A little cute idea is notes spread around the hamper of the things you love most about him.

Whether it’s a spontaneous gift, or for a special occasion, the hampers listed above will show your partner just how much love you have for them. It’s so easy for a relationship to go stale, simple things like this will relight the fire.

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