Are Men Really That Difficult To Buy For?

Are Men Really That Difficult To Buy For?

It’s a common complaint heard from wives, girlfriends, mothers and sisters around the world, “Why are men so difficult to buy for?”. If you happen to be married to or in a relationship with a man, you’ve probably found buying for him a breeze in that first flush of romance and mutual discovery, but with each passing year Christmases and Birthdays become a little more agonizing. With Christmas looming around the corner, many savvy spouses are already considering what to gift their man for the holidays… But it’s easier said than done.

Are men really hard to buy for? Do they like chocolates?

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You could just go ahead and ask him what he wants, but that’d be cheating! Plus He’ll probably just smile and say he doesn’t care about presents even though you know full well that he does. Still, there’s no need to resort to mind reading, nor to fall back on the typically underwhelming options of socks, chocolate and booze… Or (Heaven help us), iTunes vouchers. Don’t worry, though, the best gifts for men are easier to come by than you might think so long as you know where to look. If you’re strapped for ideas, whatever your man’s proclivities and preferences, any of these is a reasonably safe bet…


Go, go gadgets!

Boys love their toys, and however grown up they get, they all love to receive something they can unwrap and tinker with on the big day. Many sites will recommend TVs, games consoles and cellphones but generally if men want these things, they’ll buy them for themselves. It’s more likely you’ll have to think outside the box. Here are some of this year’s greats that will suit most tastes…

  • Ekster Smart Wallet- If your man’s always losing his wallet and if said wallet is always bulging with cards and coins then he’ll appreciate this smart wallet. The ultra slim wallet doesn’t just look great (he’ll also enjoy showing his buddies the quick card access mechanism which gives you access to your cards with the touch of a button), there’s some interesting stuff going on beneath the surface. The wallet features a removable, solar powered tracker card that will ensure that he never loses his wallet again. The wallet even has an RFID block protects to protect his cards from wireless skimming and data theft.
  • The virtually indestructible iPhone case- Men can be clumsy creatures, and if you’re tired of seeing him lament dropped iPhones and cracked screens,British-based manufacturers Greenwich have your back. Their stylish Chrono iPhone 7 case boasts a well crafted finish, while its the carbon fiber lining can withstand virtually anything, even a shotgun blast.
  • The Minipresso NS portable espresso maker- If your man likes a coffee while on the go but doesn’t like to throw down in excess of $5 for a Starbucks whenever he steps out, this sleek, stylish and extremely portable Nespresso pod machine is for him! Not only will the tech geek in him enjoy the sleek matte black finish, he’ll also enjoy being able to get piping hot espresso in seconds.

Are men really hard to buy for? Will clothes be a good gift?

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Clothes maketh the man

Few men will ever ask for clothes, but even fewer won’t be grateful to receive them. While people have a broad range of different tastes there are some garments with which you literally can’t go wrong, such as…

  • Polo shirts- Polo shirts are as versatile as they are comfortable. They showcase a buff physique marvellously, while concealing wobblier bulges with their clean lines. They can be dressed up or down, but keep those colors neutral.
  • Blue jeans- A classic, and while your man will likely have a ton of these, one can never have too much good quality denim.
  • A plain casual shirt- The swiss army knife of any man’s wardrobe, a casual dress shirt is not only versatile; equally at home beneath a blazer or sport coat and above denim, they’re flattering on virtually every man.  


Make it personal

A whole market has arisen around the desire for people to provide one another with personalized gifts. From bracelets engraved with personal messages to framed images of the family, you can find a whole slew of personalized products online. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Monogrammed wooden watchTasteful, stylish and distinctive, the wooden finish and personalization just make it that little bit extra special.
  • Timeless engraved pocket watch For the stylish gentleman in your life with your choice of message to show just how much you love him
  • Rocking tumblers- A lot of men like to unwind with a drink after a hard day’s work. Not only are these rocking glasses designed to oxygenate spirits for an aromatic drink, they’re virtually impossible to spill. Plus the monogrammed finish just makes it that little bit extra personal.

With so many options that will be great for men of all tastes and dispositions, who says men are difficult to buy for?

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