No Adult Should Ever Outgrow Bubbles

No adult should ever outgrow bubbles.

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At some point during adulthood – usually mid-twenties, early-thirties or two years after becoming a parent – every single person gets struck down by a moment they will never again be able to shake; a moment where they wish they were a kid again.

We all go through it. Don’t get us wrong, adulthood has a few perks, but those are heavily outweighed by commitments, responsibilities, bills, debts, loans, heartbreak, grief, and a whole plethora of other stresses.

However, the thing that separates children from adults most of all – aside from age – is the fact adults forget how to live in the moment, while that is all kids know. Adults live life concerned by the past and worried about the future, while children live for the second, totally consumed by their intrigue and curiosity, their only care in the world to be happy all the time.

But that feeling – that attitude – doesn’t need to be done with because you’re technically an adult, which is why we have pulled together a list f things you can do to unleash your inner-child.

  1. Embrace the privilege that is spontaneity. That’s what kids do. You want to buy an ice-cream, buy an ice-cream. If you fancy a delicious pudding from that new restaurant but don’t want a main, then just burst in there and request a pud. Do whatever will make you happy in that moment.
  2. Go wild with your style. On a daily basis, kids have more wardrobe changes than Beyonce, Gaga and Blake Lively put together, and look how happy it makes them. Come on, you have a whole closet full of clothes, meaning you must have something that will make you smile.
  3. One of life’s biggest and simplest pleasures is singing. Tone-deaf or classically trained, you should sing, whenever you have the desire to. In the shower, on the subway, in the streets, at a concert. Sing like you are auditioning for a part on Sesame Street. No shame.
  4. Buy furniture that makes you happy. Most sofas and chairs are just so boring, which is why you need to get some bean bags, some egg chairs, a Laz-E-Boy, one of the pod things they have at Google, a hammock and a swing. How can you not feel awesome when sat in one of these.
  5. When you next have a bath, forget the candles and splash instead. Or light the candles, but then try and put them out by splashing. Kids splash in the baths and they look like they are having the best time ever.
  6. Doodle. Pull out a piece of paper and a pen and doodle. Could be a circus scene, a train, or a battle between two made-up superheroes. Your call. Just doodle now and then.
  7. Join in with any fun you see happening. It doesn’t matter what it is or who the people are, just join in. Ultimate frisbee. A flash mob. Roller disco. A march for climate change. A bouncy castle party. Trust us, the best friendships are the ones that are founded on good times. Period.


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