Pet Obesity Awareness Month

Pet Obesity Awareness Month

October Is Pet Obesity Awareness Month

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It's Pet Obesity Awareness Month!

Honestly, I had no idea that October was Pet Obesity Awareness Month until I saw something about it online. You don’t really see a lot of obese pets in our neighborhood. Of course, that’s probably because we live in a rural neighborhood. There’s a lot of land for an animal to run and get exercise on. Just between you and me and the fencepost, I wish more of the animals in our neighborhood weren’t left to run quite so much, or were at least supervised better, but that’s another post altogether!

Did You Know?

  • 53.9% of dogs and 58.9% of cats were classified as “clinically over weight” by their veterinary healthcare professional in APOP’s clinical survey.
  • Pet obesity can cause diabetes, respiratory distress, heart disease, high blood pressure and even cancers.

How Can I Tell?

  • You should be able to see as well as feel the outline of your pets rib cage, with no fat layer.
  • When you look down on your standing pet you should be able to see their waist.
  • Your pet’s stomach shouldn’t be bulging on the sides or (cats) hanging down. There should be minimal ‘belly fat’.

I was once told by a vet, that it is physically painful for cats to be overweight. I can understand that since I am overweight myself, and because of that I have pain in my back and knees. Imagine if you had four legs and had to walk like they do. If your pet is overweight there are things you can do to remedy the situation.

I not fat! I'm Fl;uffy! It's Pet Obesity Awareness Month!

Pet Diets?

There are foods on the market that you can give your pet to help them whittle the pounds off. Of course, just like humans, you need to add some exercise to the plan as well. Maybe you could stretch walk time, or make a point to get to the doggy park a couple of extra times a week. I have found that an extra short daily walk with Maggie helps to thin her out when she is getting chunky. I feed her Bil-Jac Reduced Fat Formula, and restrict treats, until she’s back to her slim, rat terrier self. Bil-Jac Reduced Fat Formula has 30% less fat than regular Bil-Jac Adult Select, so she loses the weight without affecting her coat or muscle tone. She loves the way it tastes too. If your dog has a tendency to keep on a few pounds, you might try Bil-Jac Reduced Fat Formula for their every day food.

Does your dog ever have a weight issue? Tell me about it! 


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