The Barking Mad Ways A Dog Can Change Your Life

The Barking Mad Ways A Dog Can Change Your Life

Dogs Can Change Your Life

As Sigmund Freud noted, dogs love their friends and bite their enemies. Freud found the statement interesting because he, who was a specialist of the human soul, never encountered a person who was capable of pure love. In his experience, dogs are more reliable because, unlike people, they don’t mix love and hate; they are able to separate these feelings clearly. The famous Austrian psychoanalyst is only one of the many who praise the dogs for their qualities. First of all, the dog can be tamed and trained with remarkable ease, as Kipling, the author of The Jungle Book, pointed out to his readers.

When the Man waked up, he said, ‘What is Wild Dog doing here?’ And the Woman said, ‘His name is not Wild Dog anymore, but the First Friend because he will be our friend for always and always and always.’

There is no denying that for those who own a dog, the title of First Friend is not an exaggeration for an accurate reality. Dogs are, after all, the furry friend that complete your family. They are an ideal companion of games for children, and they keep you company if you’re feeling lonely. Besides, it’s impossible not to experience what is referred to as a heart melt in the youth language, when you watch puppies running awkwardly towards their beloved owner. Yes, dogs are great. But they are more than just cute and fluffy. They can serve a deeper and much more important purpose in your life. Discover the many ways dogs can have an impact on your everyday existence.

Working dogs help their masters conquer every day tasks you and I might consider mundane.

Don’t pet me I am working

It can teach you to love

If you didn’t know, October was the National Adopt A Shelter Dog Month. However, don’t let this trouble you; it’s never too late for a good deed, and after all, you don’t need to wait til next October to adopt a furry friend! If you live outside of town, you might be lucky enough to have a large house and a garden, which offer the perfect spot to rescue, foster or adopt a shelter dog. For anybody who has been to a shelter center, it can be a heartbreaking experience to watch those animals sitting in cages and waiting for someone to adopt them. You might even feel like you want to take them all back home! But try to limit yourself: It would be a pity to have to abandon these dogs again because you can’t take care of them all together.

While you might think, at first, that rescuing a dog is your way of showing an animal what love is, you will soon discover that pet adoption is a two-way road of affection and care. Rescue dogs are infinitely grateful for your attention, and they know how to look after you too. In fact, a lot of people who have adopted dogs in the past have noticed a real improvement in their everyday mood.

It can make you feel safe

What if you don’t want to adopt a pet, or can’t have one? There are other ways a dog can make your life better. For instance, police and sniffer dogs are specifically trained to find terrorists and fraudsters, so that you can be safe in the streets. Currently deployed on a beta basis, two dogs, a springer spaniel called Tweed and a black labrador responding to the name of Rob, have been trained to help the police in the UK detect dangerous hidden digital storage devices. In the US, detection dogs are part of large police institutions to survey popular areas and join in targeted inquiries.

It can give you support

Not everyone has the same emotional stability. Consequently, you might have come across people who can board a plane with an animal to provide assistance with emotional or psychological disabilities such as anxiety disorder for example. Contrary to pets, there is a different pattern of support dog laws or any other support animal, which stipulates that the emotional bond between the animal and the owner is recognized legally and therefore qualified to gain access to areas where pets wouldn’t be allowed. If you qualify to get a support animal, ESA laws guarantee fair access to air carriers, housing and even work environment without discrimination against your animal.

Dogs are very good companions.

A dog and his owner

It can guide you

For visually impaired individuals, a guide dog can give them the confidence they need to go outside and enjoy their life. Guide dogs are selected for their abilities and their temperament so that they offer their owners the support required to navigate safely outdoors. For by-standers, a guide dog might look cute, but it’s important that you remember that the dog is working. In other words, don’t disturb it! However, for owners, at the end of the day, the guide dog turns into a playful dog who wants a game and a treat! While most people are used to seeing labrador, you can find Golden retrievers and German shepherds too as typical guide dogs.

It can help you to relax

Office dogs are not another trend designed to make the workplace feels modern and dynamic. Numerous studies are demonstrated that office dogs can visibly reduce stress levels in the workplace. By taking measurements of the level of Cortisol in the saliva, research was able to show that people who brought their dogs to work were by far the employees who experienced the lowest stress levels throughout the day.

It can make you fitter

Owning a dog is often the only motivation you need to go outside and work out. If you read Karen Soltero’s story, her training routine has changed dramatically since she adopted her dog, Alex. In fact, thanks to Alex’s motivational presence, Karen has even dropped 10 pounds and finished several Olympic-distance triathlons. In short, next time you get a choice between a dog or a treadmill, adopt the dog without hesitation! Your furry friend will keep you active, and its energy levels are contagious!

From loving companions to inspirational personal trainers, dogs can change your life. They can provide safety, support, stress relief, guidance, love and workout fun. What’s not to love?


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