Get Your Truck at Bay Motors Texas

Get Your Truck at Bay Motors Texas

BayMotorsTX treats you right!

Great Used Trucks

I hate car buying. You know, all the looking and test driving and trying to find the perfect vehicle. Car salesmen are usually the worst. I say usually because I do know a handful that are wonderful human beings, and great salesmen. One of my favorite car salesmen is an elder at our church. A couple more own and run Bay Motors Texas in Tomball, Tx. If you want a truck, you should get your truck from Bay Motors.

Get Your Truck from Bay Motors

Get YOUR truck at Bay Motors Tx!

The guys at Bay Motors Tx believe in reputation. We bought Hubby’s truck there in 2015, and they did us right every step of the way. Just a week after he got the truck, the transmission went out in it. When Hubby called from the side of the road, they sent a tow truck and asked him if he wanted a new truck, or his truck fixed. He loved his truck, and they put a new transmission in it, no questions. They did us right on Hubby’s truck, so that’s where we went to purchase a new vehicle for me. When we purchased it there was a problem with the radio. They took care of it immediately!

Bay Motors specializes in 4×4’s. They do have a handful of vehicles that are not 4×4, but not many. Their trucks are detailed right, and shine like new, inside and out. If you find something you really love, they’ll do their best to get you into it. I don’t know how, but they will work their magic to get you in the truck you want. We didn’t think we could afford another vehicle, at least not for another year – when Hubby’s truck would be paid off. We were wrong, and now I’m driving a 2010 Chevrolet Silverado LT! It has more amenities that Hubby’s, and it’s newer, but it’s costing us less than his!

Get your new truck at Bay Motors! I did!

If you are looking for a used truck, and you live in the Houston area, get your truck at Bay Motors Tx. You will find something that you love, I can promise you. Oh, if you go in the morning, they make a pretty good cup of coffee too!!



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