Give Your Pet A Stocking Full of Health Extension Treats

Give Your Pet A Stocking Full of Health Extension Treats

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A Stocking Full of Holistic Health Extension Treats!

Do your pets get Christmas gifts? How about stockings? In our house, only Maggie has a stocking. My sweet girl is starting to get older. Her eyes don’t see as well as she could when she was younger. This has led to her nipping a couple of the grandkids, so I have to put her up in our room during family get-togethers, just for everyone’s safety. I feel like after all the upheaval, she deserves a stocking full of treats to hold the Holistic Health Extension treats that Santa is bringing her!

Just a start to a stocking full of treats

Holistic Health Extension foods and treats start with USDA inspected fresh meats. So much more goes into them that just screams healthy though. Things like coconut oil, ginger, green tea, chickory, whole veggies and berries, prebiotics and probiotics. The ingredient list reads like my smoothie ingredient list! There are no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, and it’s all NON-GMO!

Give your pets a stocking full of Health Extension treats, including Bacon Chips!

The company is family owned and operated, making small batches to keep things healthy for our pets. You just can’t beat that kind of commitment. They are made in the USA, and have never had a recall on their foods or treats. I bet it’s because they are made in small batches. They have never used ingredients from China either, and say they never will. They have over 140 check points in their plant, and I’m sure that keeps the recalls down too.

Make sure you include the Duck & Yogurt Recipe in your dog's stocking full of Health Extension treats!

The most important thing is that Maggie loves these treats. They never last long, and it seems that as soon as I give her one, she is under my feet begging for another. Health Extension makes more than just treats though. They also make foods, both dry and canned for both cats and dogs. They also provide vitamins and supplements, stain and odor eliminators, training products and (get this) ‘spa care’ products! I love it! Everything in one place!

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  1. My dogs would LOVE these! Bacon, yeah, who doesn’t love bacon LOL and I have never seen nor heard of the puffed treats; so cool!

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