Hair Hair Everywhere? Fix That with Eazee!

Hair Hair Everywhere? Fix That with Eazee!

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Eazee Deshedding Tools

My husband is constantly complaining about there being cat hair everywhere. I try to vacuum everything (carpets, drapes and furniture), but  still cat hair is everywhere. When Eazee offered to send us deshedding tools for the Holiday Gift Guide, I said absolutely yes!

The Eazee Cat Deshedder ends "Hair Hair Everywhere"

There Used To Be Hair Everywhere

Between Miss Mia Bella, and her three kittens, the cat hair is just out of control. Well, it was… until I started using the Ezee Deshedding Tool for Cats. This wonderful little tool just gently rakes through the cats hair catching any loose hairs and keeping them in the comb. When you finish brushing the cat, it’s easy to get hair out of the comb. Just pull back the little button on the top. When you pull that button, the teeth of the comb retract into the handle, and the hair simply falls into the garbage!

Look at those teeth! The Eazee Cat Deshedder ends "Hair Hair Everywhere"

There are actually two heads inside the handle. One is for daily grooming, and one is for intense grooming. That second head will definitely get some use on the outside barn cats at the end of winter. I already know there will be big wads of hair in the yard when they start to shed! They make the heads out of a static-free material, so the hair doesn’t stick to it. There are times at the end of winter when I will get handfuls of hair off Bella. Just running my hands over her, leaves fur flying. I know this comb is going to come in very handy to keep the hair up off the furniture and carpet.

The Eazee Cat Deshedder ends "Hair Hair Everywhere"

The best part is, the cats love when you brush them with these deshedders. They just lay there like they think you are petting them. In fact, you are getting all the loose hair that they’ve shed, up before it has a chance to get all over the carpet or furniture. Oh! They make these deshedders for dogs too!

The Eazee Cat Deshedder ends "Hair Hair Everywhere"

This is just one pass on one of our outdoor cats, and all our cats have been brushed every day!

There is a 100% satisfaction 30 day guarantee on their products too. If you are not 100% satisfied within 30 days, you can send it back and get your money back. That tells me they stand behind their products. These combs are very well made, and I can’t imagine not being satisfied with them, since I know they do what they say they do.

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  1. I use the same brush on my furrier dog and my cat; works well with both and my favorite part is how easy it is to clean the brush! My cat has a non-stop undercoat ~ ugh.

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