Love Your Kitchen Because It’s Gorgeous

Love Your Kitchen Because It’s Gorgeous

Love Your Kitchen! You'll enjoy it more!

Since the word home was first coined, the kitchen has been people’s favorite space. It is just the hub of the home; the one room that fills you with that warm, fuzzy feeling. There is just one issue; most kitchens are just so, how do we say it, predictable.

There are some countertops, a bunch of appliances and gadgets, a sink looking out over the garden and wall after wall filled with storage options. If you’ve seen one kitchen then you’ve seen them all. But it doesn’t have to be like this and to prove that we’ve pulled together a list of top tips, tricks and bits of advice to help you add a little bit of personality to, and love your kitchen.

This was once your most loved room, but from this day on it can become your most stylish room too:

Love your kitchen enough to find ways to show it off!

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Time To Sink The Myth

Every kitchen needs to have a kitchen sink. That is a fact. But the kitchen sink does not be a boring, white enamel thing that simply plays a purpose. Oh no. Instead, what you can do is take the interior design world’s love of copper and use this to create an artisan looking kitchen. Mmm hmmm, a copper sink.

Look To The Light

If you are reading this blog post while sitting in your kitchen, then just take a minute to look at your lighting. Actually, probably don’t even have to look; it has integrated spotlights isn’t it. How dull and sterile. What you want to use instead is a lamp, something with a decorative shade that you can put on your worktop. It will totally transform the feel of your kitchen.

A Touch Of Comfort

Your kitchen is no doubt warm and cozy as it is – especially if you have an aga – but you can add a little extra splash of comfort with some stylish throws, like the Voyage Maison throws you can find at Bridgman. Your kitchen is used for cooking meals and enjoying dinners as a family, but with a comfy throw to wrap yourself up in, well, not only are you adding an extra splash of color, you will be giving yourself an excuse to curl up with a book somewhere new and gorgeous.

A World Without Art

Most people have one aim when it comes to creating a kitchen – practicality. We want it to have all the storage possible and everything in the right place so that our lives are easier, but what about style? You’ve make every other room stylish in your mind’s eye, but not the kitchen. This needs to end and you can easily do this by hanging some art on the walls. Canvas, framed prints, loose, whatever. So long as there is art.

Something Very Vintage

The days of having everything match are done and dusted. We live in an age where contrasting looks are what really makes a space look. It is bringing together contemporary style with vintage pieces that will really make a room pop, especially the kitchen. It could be a vintage cabinet, some retro stools, a timeworn kitchen table, or anything else that takes your fancy.

Do you love your kitchen? Why, or why not? Please tell me! 

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