My New 2010 Chevy Silverado LT

My New 2010 Chevy Silverado LT

The Search for a Vehicle

We are still paying for Hubby’s ‘new truck that we bought in 2015. We agreed I would get a newer vehicle when his was paid off. Unfortunately, my Jeep (which came from up north) is rusting out underneath from the salt. As much as I love that Jeep, it was time to start looking for a new vehicle. I never imagined I would end up with a Chevy Silverado LT.

My Choice, My Vehicle

One day a couple of weeks ago, Hubby sent me a text picture of a black pickup, asking me what I thought of it. It was a 4 wheel drive, but it was not a Jeep. I barely glanced at the picture. I told him that he had agreed I could choose the vehicle I wanted, not one he wanted. He got his new truck, this was to be my vehicle. Later that day he came home with a print out about the truck, asking me what I thought about it. I got a little irate and told him flat out that we were not buying him another truck. This was to be MY choice, so he backed off.

This is my new 2010 Chevy Truck!

Saturday Hubby drove me out to Tomball, saying he needed to go check on something. Of course, we pulled right up to Bay Motors Tx where we bought his truck. Again, I got a little perturbed that he was trying to push me into a truck. I didn’t really want a truck. I did want something that could be packed for vacations, and full of cool garage sale treasures, but I also want luxury.

The inside of my new 2010 Chevy truck has plenty of luxury!

The first truck he wanted me to see was a black 2010. It was very nice with all the bells and whistles. It had a backup camera, the link up for my phone, and all the bells and whistles that I wanted in a vehicle. Then he showed me a 2012. It was also very very nice. Cracked leather seats just are not luxurious though. We looked at every 4×4 truck on that lot, but I kept going back to that first 2010 Chevy 4×4.

My new 2010 Chevy truck has all this luxury, but ready for work too!

Bay Motors Worked With Us

We went in and talked to the salesman about the truck. I didn’t think we could afford another payment coming out of the budget so I agreed to let him see what payments would be. He asked if we wanted to test drive the truck while he worked it up. I said no. I didn’t want to fall in love with something that we wouldn’t be able to afford anyway. He did his magic, and the payments were so low we would have no problem paying them. I went to test drive the truck.

Even the boys get cup holders in the back seat of my new 2010 Chevy Truck!

So, yes. I am now driving a new 2010 Chevy

Ok, to shorten an already long story, the truck is in my driveway. If you follow me on social media you have already seen it. It’s 4×4 because well, we have a farm. I also drive in snow occasionally when going to see my parents. It is newer than Hubby’s truck, and has more fancy extras than his, but cost even less than his. This makes him and my boys very jealous. I just know that I really love driving this truck, and feel safer in it than I ever did in my Jeeps.

You can read more about Bay Motors and how wonderful they are HERE. They always make sure we are happy when we purchase a truck. I’m sure they do the same for everyone who purchases a truck there.

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