Survive Winter with Guardian Technologies

Survive Winter with Guardian Technologies

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Guardian Technologies To The Rescue

Houston weather is the epidome of warmth and humidity. We rarely have much of a winter. Our winter temperatures are very mild compared to anyone north of us. However, when winter hits, the humidity levels drop with the temperature. We are not used to the cold, and so the heaters come on. The sky is a grey blob, and the scenery is brown, grey, and blah. This is the time of year that statistics on depression go up. We need help to survive winter.

Lose Those Winter Blues

No matter where you live, the grey blahness of winter, can have you sinking into depression. Scientists have proven that lack of sunshine can cause depression and definitely make it worse. It’s important to get plenty of natural sunlight. The question is, how can we do this during endless days of cloudiness, rain and snow, in the winter? Guardian Technologies has the answer! The Full Spectrum Energy Therapy Light simulates natural sunlight, without all those harmful UV rays. It can help you feel energetic on a grey, blah winter day. It has both blue, and white light so you can choose, and it has a timer that runs from 5 to 30 minutes. It’s small enough to carry with you if you are traveling, and uses LED lights so you don’t have to worry about changing or replacing them.

This Therapy Light from Guardian Technologies can help you survive winter.

This Therapy Light from Guardian Technologies can help you survive winter.

Humidifiers Help Nasal Passages and Skin Survive Winter

Let’s face it. When winter comes there’s an even better chance that your allergies will flare up, or that you will catch cold. Not to mention how dry skin gets in the winter! My body is used to humidity, so when winter comes around, my hands and elbows get all dry and crackly. At night I have trouble sleeping and wake up with a dry mouth and throat (yes, I snore). These are all huge reasons to own a cool mist humidifier.

This Guardian Technologies humidifier helps me survive the winter!

The Top Fill Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier with Aromatherapy Tray is a fabulous humidifier. It disperses cool mist into the room, so your skin stays hydrated better, and your airways don’t dry out. It has something called Silver Clean™ Protection is embedded in the tank to fight mold and mildew so it won’t get slimy like other humidifier tanks. This humidifier also has an aromatherapy tray where you can add a few drops of essential oils to help you sleep even better! I love adding lavender and frankincense in ours!

Being able to use my essential oils in this humidifier, helps me survive the winter!

Two adjustable steam spouts on this humidifier help us survive the winter.

These products from Guardian Technologies have a permanent place in our home to help us fight all those little problems that come with the winter cold. You might want to try them out for yourself, to help you survive winter!

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