Turn Off the Waterworks and Call a Plumber!

Turn Off the Waterworks and Call a Plumber!

We use water so much in our homes that often we take it for granted. It’s not until things start going wrong that we realize how essential the proper functioning of water-based facilities in our home is. So, if you find that you are experiencing problems, don’t sit and sob about it. Take action, and call a plumber! The longer you leave water-based problems, the worse they will become. These aren’t generally issues that will rectify themselves, so it’s solely up to you to contact the relevant professionals who will be able to ensure that everything is put back on track. When it comes to water based problems in the home, chances are that the person you need is a plumber. Here are just a few common jobs that a plumber will be able to help you out with.

Turn off the waterworks and call a plumber

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Fix a Dripping Faucet

Almost everyone has experienced a leaky or dripping faucet in their time. While the sound may go unnoticed by day, it will quickly become extremely irritating while you are trying to concentrate or sleep. What’s more? A slow, steady drip sees more water go down the drain than you’d imagine. This is wasteful and is not only detrimental to your wallet, but to the environment too. Many people attempt to tackle a dripping faucet themselves with nothing but a few basic tools and youtube tutorial behind them. This may work temporarily, but chances are that you won’t do the job quite right and the very same tap will be dripping again in a short period of time. Worse, you may do something wrong and damage some other pipes, causing faster leaks and flooding. To be on the safe side, call in a plumber. As it is a small job, it shouldn’t cost too much and will be worth every penny.

Turn off the waterworks and call a plumber!

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Have a Shower Fitted 

Not only are showers more convenient than baths, but they will save you a whole lot of money! They are more efficient, use less water, and you don’t necessarily have to wait around for water to heat up. So, if you don’t have one yet, it’s time to get one fitted. This can be quite a complex task, so call in the help of a reliable plumber. They will have the necessary knowledge and qualifications to do the job properly. There are various options available when it comes to showers, so discuss what will be best for your property with your plumber before investing in any parts. Electric showers produce heat on demand, taking water from your property’s mains cold water supply and passing it through a heating element in the shower unit. If your home has a combi boiler or hot water cylinder, you may want to opt for a mixer shower. This mixes both hot and cold water in the system to achieve the optimum temperature before passing it through the shower head. If you have elderly individuals or children in your home, thermostatic showers are particularly safe. They work in a similar way to mixer showers, but prevent excessively cold or excessively hot water being projected when others in the home turn on taps or flush toilet chains. This prevents scalding. If possible, try to ensure that your shower is environmentally friendly too. Eco showers limit water flow to an efficient yet useable level. This keeps your body and conscious clean all at the same time!

Turn off the waterworks and call a plumber!

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Install an Outdoor Tap

If you have pets, take long muddy walks, or are particularly fond of gardening, an outdoor tap can make a great addition to your home. Add a hose to allow you to rinse of mucky pets or the mud from your boots without having to trail dirt through your home en route to the bathroom. You can also fill up your watering cans and buckets with fresh cold water to water plants or fill birdbaths. This is also great for those who clean their own vehicles. Again, this is a job best left to the professionals. A plumber will have the right equipment to drill through your exterior wall and fit the necessary elements to ensure your outdoor tap functions perfectly.

So, if you’re experiencing water oriented problems in your property, you know who to call. Choose a reliable plumbing service with positive reviews and recommendations from previous clients. This will help to ensure that the help you receive is of the best quality possible. Making these small changes in your household (repairing a leaky tap, installing a shower, and fitting an outdoor tap) will not only save you hours of work and inconvenience over longer periods of time, but they will also help you to save cash by minimising the amount of water that you use. This also means you will be more environmentally friendly, leaving you with a clean body, house, and conscience too!