My Audio Pet Speakers ROCK!!

My Audio Pet Speakers ROCK!!

2017 Holiday Gift Guide is on the way!

Nothing like a pet with a beat!

My grandkids are all into wifi speakers. One asked his mom for one for their shower recently. Well, when asked us to review two of their great “pairable wireless speakers”, I knew they would be perfect for the Holiday Gift Guide. These animal themed speakers rock, all while being adorable!

These speakers ROCK! (from

When I opened the box to see the “Ampedphibian” and “GoGoBananas” I was excited. These little guys are so cute! Ampedphibian is a frog, and GoGoBananas is a monkey. They are roughly the same shape and size as a regular sized egg. There is nothing ‘regular’ about the sound that comes out of them though! They really amp up the jams.

MyAudioPet Speakers ROCK!!

Each MyAudioPet comes with a charging cable, a manual, and a lanyard, so they are easily taken with you where ever you go. You can also print an ‘adoption certificate’ for each one. There are two options of these great speakers. There are the TWS Audio Pets, where two can be paired for a True Wireless Stereo (TWS) experience, or the Gen1 Audio Pets that work independently and cannot be paired. There’s one for everyone on your Christmas gift list. Owl lovers, a cat, a penguin, a deer, almost anything you could want! There is even a more “adult” wood speaker with a beautiful tree engraved on it. The leaves of the tree are the holes of the speaker!

MyAudioPet speakers rock!

Is that all? NO! These little guys have a built in microphone as well, so if you have your music playing through them from your phone, you can still answer without unhooking the speaker pets! So convenient, and adorable! These speakers rock! I know my granddaughter will love getting these for Christmas. She and her friends will enjoy them year round!

Take a look at these cute speakers at Which do you like the best?! 

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