Fish Faces Show Character!

Fish Faces Show Character!

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Fish Faces of Real Fish!

This amazing book shows the fish face of real reef fishes. It helps kids learn why fishes faces are different, and how their different faces help them to survive. If your children love to visit the aquarium, and love to read, then they will love All Fish Faces. These fishes faces give them so much character – just like people!!

A great book about reef fishes and their fish faces!

The pictures are so colorful and they are all of different Tropical Reef Fish. The book is broken down into sections of breeds of fish. Then there are pictures of the different types of that breed.   The author (Tam Warner Minton) is trying to humanize the the undersea world to help children better understand it. She believes that “Knowledge is power”. It is her hope that educating children on the topic will help save the oceans and fish that inhabit it. There are fish in this book that I haven’t even ever seen!

The Titan Trigger Fish in the book "All Fish Faces"

There are so many wonderful facts about each fish tropical reef fish type in this book, as well as all the gorgeous pictures of all the fish faces. All of the pictures were taken by Tam Warner Minton herself. There’s information on the fish, as well as information on how we can help keep the oceans healthy for fish, from recycling to ocean-friendly sunscreens that won’t harm you or the fish.

The Author/Photographer – Tam Warner Minton

Tam Warner Minton is a travel blogger, writer, and photographer behind the travel blog, She’s been to all seven continents! She believes in getting out of one’s comfort zone which makes her a great advocate for citizen science and the environment. She loves to scuba dive, and take pictures on her ocean research expeditions.

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