Floor Pillows from Floor Bloom

Floor Pillows from Floor Bloom

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Floor Bloom has the BEST floor pillows!

The Most Comfy Seat In The House

When I have my grandkids over, they love to watch movies. If it’s raining outside, or just too cold, we’ll pick a handful of movies, make some popcorn and just flop out on the floor for Movie Night. We used to lay out a sleeping bag, or blanket, but now we have something even better – Floor Pillows from Floor Bloom! Floor Bloom sent me the Bountiful Boat, and Amazing Oyster pillows to review (all my own opinions!).

Floor Pillows With Character

The floor pillows from Floor Bloom are so bright and colorful. They are poufy enough to keep your tushy comfortable, but not so fluffy that you are afraid of falling or tipping. My grandkids love the different pillows. My granddaughter’s favorite is the Amazing Oyster pillow.

Floor Bloom has the most amazing floor pillows

When you open it up, there’s a beautiful pearl! This pillow can also be used in a seat to soften it up. Now, most of my grandsons chose the Bountiful Boat to use. What boy can refuse a boat to sail on? The colors on these pillows are bright and cheerful.

Floor Bloom has the most amazing floor pillows

The Floor Bloom Story

The whole Floor Bloom story begins with Kathleen Hale (Co-founder and CEO) not being able to find good floor pillows for her family to use while spending time together on the floor of their home. She was using dog beds, when she decided to design her own fun floor pillows. Floor Bloom was born. I love the different variety of floor pillows, and so do my grandkids.

Floor Bloom has the most amazing floor pillows

This is the pearl in the Amazing Oyster floor pillow.

To be honest, my favorites are the Sensational Sun and the Lovely Leaf. We got the Bountiful Boat and the Amazing Oyster because those are the ones my grandchildren chose. Next time, I’m getting the one’s I like!

Which Floor Bloom floor pillows are your favorite? Which would your children love?

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