A Locket For Christmas from PicturesOnGold.com!

A Locket For Christmas from PicturesOnGold.com!

It’s no secret that I love my grandchildren. I mean, what grandparent doesn’t ?! I have twelve of them; four beautiful girls and eight rough-and-tumble boys. It does sometimes pose a problem at Christmas though! The boys are easier to buy for than the girls – always. Why is that so? They are happy with a video game or anything with a sports theme. The girls though, have such diverse interests, it makes it really hard to choose a gift. This year wasn’t so hard though. The two older girls gifts are already wrapped and under the tree. Out of the two younger, the older one really wants an oil diffuser for her room, and I have a beautiful one already purchased. When PicturesOnGold.com asked if I would like to review a dainty little locket, I knew it would be perfect for the youngest granddaughter!

There is a beautiful locket from PicturesOnGold.com in this box!

How the Locket Process Works

Now, you know I’ve worked with PicturesonGold.com before. I had not ever ordered a locket before though, but they make it so easy! It’s a step-by-step process, and before I knew it, I was holding the most beautiful locket in my hand! Ok, the process is all online, but they shipped the locket so quickly that I couldn’t believe it didn’t take longer. I chose the Sterling Silver 2 picture heart locket, but I chose to only do one picture. First I put her monogram on the front outside. In the inside, I chose to have “Nana Loves You” engraved on the left side. Then on the right side, I put a picture of myself. I decided the color laser engraved picture, because I thought it might last longer.

This gorgeous locket from PicturesOnGold.com was so easy to order, and arrived quickly!

Although I do not really like with the picture I chose of myself, the engraving looks just like the picture. I can only hope that my granddaughter loves this locket as much as I do. If you are looking for the perfect gift for your granddaughter (or grandmother, sister, daughter, or wife!!), PicturesOnGold.com has something she will absolutely love!

The picture is color engraved right onto the locket!

I’ll be ordering more from PicturesOnGold.com. I have a daughter who has a birthday in the Spring. I’m sure she would love a locket too!

Do you know someone who would love a locket from PicturesOnGold.com? 

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