New Christmas Movie From Mariah Carey

New Christmas Movie From Mariah Carey

The new Christmas Movie "Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas Is You" is a fun movie for the kids!

My grandchildren love movies. They beg to watch movies when they come to visit, so after a good long outside romp, we’ll all come in and watch a movie. When approached to review the new Christmas movie from Mariah Carey, (“All I Want For Christmas Is You”), I knew it was one my grandchildren would enjoy.

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The Storyline

The  storyline is all about a little girl who wants a puppy of her own. With an allergic father and an OCD mom, it’s doubtful that she’ll ever realize her dream. The rest of the family is backing her up so her father brings home an unruly ball of terror. He tells Mariah that if she can handle “Jack”, she can handle her dream dog. Mariah is not ready for the ‘reality’ of how much work it really takes to take care of a dog. In the end what she realizes is that no one (or dog) is perfect, and love is all that matters.

The movie is based around Mariah Carey’s hit song “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, but there are a few new songs as well. “Lil Snowman” is one of those new songs.

I watched this new Christmas movie by myself first, just as I do all the movies I get for the grandkids. It’s very G rated, and great for kids of all ages. I know it will be one of my grandkids’ favorites and be on the ‘watch every year’ list.

Here are a few fun activities for you and your little helper to do to get ready for the Holidays!

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Make sure you get your own copy of this great new Christmas movie! It’s been out since the middle of November, so I’m sure you can pick it up anywhere. I know your children will love it as much as my grandchildren do.

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