Love A Good Epic War Movie? See “12 Strong”

Love A Good Epic War Movie? See “12 Strong”

12 Strong is THE Epic War Movie, because it's true.

The Declassified True Story of the Horse Soldiers

12 Strong: The Declassified True Story of the Horse Soldiers, tells the story about a small group of special forces soldiers who leave their families to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan shortly after 9-11. This epic war movie is full of bombs going off and machine gun fire. There are scenes where you do see bodies laying everywhere, in parts of the movie. It is a war movie, but there just was not a lot of blood, or gore, however, and this impressed me a lot. The movie wasn’t about the blood and gore, or the explosions, but about these men who fought.

The story is the true star of this movie. This group of soldiers went to Afghanistan without much hope of coming home. I really love that the movie introduces us to these men and their families before they start all of the war scenes. We get a sense that they are family men, and that they have a heart, before we see the hardened soldier sides of them. I believe that makes it a great movie, for women to see, as well as men.

This is a true story, about true American heroes. At the end of the movie they show a picture of the 11 Horse Soldiers. At the screening, everyone started applauding this group of men. The movie also tell us that General Dostum, a leader of the Alliance, (and now vice president of Afghanistan) and Mark Nutsch (who was the inspiration for Capt. Mitch Nelson, played by Chris Helmsworth in the movie) are friends to this day. This group of men all came back home. None were lost in Afghanistan, although one was seriously injured.

An Epic Story That Happens To Be An Epic War Movie

12 Strong: The Declassified True Story of the Horse Soldiers is a story for our time, that should make us proud of our military. It made me even more proud of them, and proud to be an American. I do not like war, but I believe there are times when it is necessary. This group of men made our America a safer place to live. I think this movie is one that everyone should see.

There were no movie posters for this movie in the theater. I’ve been to screenings, and usually get a picture of the poster for my post, but there was none. They made us shut our phones down before going in, and made us promise not to turn them on during the film, so I couldn’t even get a picture at the opening of the movie. So, I’ve included trailers, because they are the only things I could find. The movie opens at theaters near you on 1/19/2018.

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