New Planner for the New Year: Tools4Wisdom

New Planner for the New Year: Tools4Wisdom

New Planner for 2018

My new planner from Tools4Wisdom has an awesome cover!

I’m not sure why, but I am always late getting myself a new planner. I mean, I always get my planners from Tools4Wisdom, and I know they are 18 month planners, but I always wait until close to (or shortly after) the first of January to get one! I’m thinking this year I should put a note in my planner under the month of May to remind myself to purchase the new one.  They are one of my very favorite planners!

New planners from Tools4Wisdom have plenty of room to record your appointments

This year I chose the 8×5 A5 “Lightness of Being” planner. In years past, I’ve always chosen one of the larger 11×8.5 planners. I like the smaller one because it’s easier to tuck it into my computer bag to carry with me, than the larger one. The cover is so bright and colorful, it’s inspiring me to try to be happier, and more kind to others. The larger planner does have more in depth goal planning abilities though.

New planners from Tools4Wisdom help you set your yearly goals

The smaller planner still has the goal setting pages, and plenty of room for writing in whatever things you have planned for the day, week, or month.

New planners from Tools4Wisdom help you set good goals

There are several cover choices too, from trees or beach to umbrellas in the rain or bright colored covers. Each cover is available in either size planner. You just choose which size works best for your lifestyle.

New Planners Make Great Gifts!

New planners from Tools4Wisdom help you set up your monthly priorities.

These planners make great gifts too. My daughter-in-law is a teacher, and she told me she would love to have one to keep all her work and family (four boys in sports!) appointments straight. I’m thinking I’ll give her one for Valentine’s day. If I do, I know I’ll have to get my oldest daughter one as well. She has four children too (three boys in football and a daughter in cheer and Girl Scouts)! Trust me, if you have children that are in extra curricular activities, you know how hard it can be to keep schedules straight. This planner and an assortment of different color hi-lighters (one for each child), will make life so much easier!

Tools4Wisdom has been very kind, and given me a code for you to get 30% off when you purchase your new planner! Just use code CYBER30. That will get you 30% OFF!

*This post contains affiliate links for products on Amazon. I could get a small amount of money if you purchase from these links. It’s only fair that you know, so I’m telling you! 


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