Old Man Winter! Git Outta TEXAS!

Old Man Winter! Git Outta TEXAS!

Temps in the TEENS?!?

This is ridiculous. My poor heaters are having trouble keeping up! Several of my friends up north have made fun of me (and my state of Texas) because of all the “whining” we’ve done about the weather. Honestly! The reason I stayed here after my divorce was because the climate is so warm year ’round.

Old Man Winter! This is totally UNCOOL!

Ok, so our (Texas) weather can change at the drop of a hat. I don’t care if it’s sunny warm one day and we have a hurricane blow in the next. I DO care that the jet stream brought us ARCTIC COLD weather! It makes a huge difference when the temps are in the teens for THREE DAYS!

My first glimpse of Old Man Winter's icey gift.

My boys did enjoy the snow – the FIRST day it fell. After that it was just so cold they didn’t want to go back out into it. They did love being out of school and sleeping in late, under a pile of blankets. During the day they wanted to stay in on their tablets with a cup of hot chocolate in their hands, or to sit on the floor in front of the space heaters watching movies.

Thank you, Old Man Winter, for snow.

Even Hubby was out of work for 2 days because it was too dangerous to drive the roads. That’s another point my dear friends (who think they are so funny, making fun of us ‘whiney squeemish Texans) just do not understand. See, up north, this weather is normal. They have trucks that spray stuff that melt the ice and sleet on their roads. We don’t have those trucks, because we don’t (normally) have that weather. So just keep laughing people.

OK! Dang, I said thank you already! Don't make it worse Old Man Winter!

Old Man Winter, Pack Up, You’re Gone!

This weather almost completely immobilized our area. It was even freezing in Galveston, which is crazy ridiculous! When I woke up this morning and it was (again) 17 degrees Fahrenheit, I was pretty disgusted. I moved away from the East Coast because of this kind of weather (ok, and a little because of my ex-husband – but more because of the weather!). It’s a good thing our weather lady told us it’ll be warming up tomorrow, and in the ’70’s this weekend, or I’d be considering a move to the equator.

What temps did Old Man Winter leave you with this past week? 



  1. Sue E says:

    I’m not laughing! You’re right! If you’re not used to cold, well then, neither is your body. A couple of our friends moved to Texas, not only because they liked it, but because of the warmer weather throughout the year. We should have moved too, when we could, to a warmer climate! But we couldn’t leave our kids and then the grandkids. We figured what good is warmer weather without our loved ones. This winter is awfully cold!! A couple of days, the cold weather has broken a couple of cold records! When it gets cold like this, it has looked like a ghost town outside – so you’re not missing anything here and sorry to hear of your awful winter also!

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