Tech Essentials For A Hassle-Free Move

Tech Essentials For A Hassle-Free Move

When you’re moving house, your priority is probably to get settled into your new home as quickly as possible. Moving can be stressful, but there are things you can do to make the process seamless, including investing in a few tech essentials for your new pad. If you’re about to up sticks and relocate, here are some tips that may come in handy.

Home security

When you’re counting down the days until you move home, it’s important to consider security. Nobody wants to find that their new home has been targeted by thieves or their possessions stolen. Even if the house isn’t occupied and you’ve only just started moving your belongings over, it’s advisable to take out home and contents insurance and fit a security system to protect your investment as soon as you get the keys. Empty houses can be an easy target. Modern security systems offer all kinds of innovative features, and you can link your system to your smartphone to enable you to keep an eye on the property at all times.

Tech Essentials are more important than ever for a new home

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There’s nothing more appealing than snuggling up in front of the TV when you’ve spent all day lugging boxes around and unpacking. It can take time to set up a new TV package or transfer from one property to another, so it’s best to contact your provider in advance of your move. If you’re looking to change to a different company, it’s worth comparing prices online and seeing what deals are out there for new customers. Competition is fierce, and often, you can take advantage of fantastic deals if you’re willing to switch. If you haven’t updated your TV package in a while, see what channels and bundles are on offer and ensure you’re up and running before you move in. At this time of year, you may also find great offers on brand new TVs, including smart sets.


If you work from home, your kids use the Internet for their homework, or you can’t survive a day without checking emails and social media or doing some online shopping, it’s essential to ensure you have access to the Internet from day one. Check out sites like, compare prices and set a date to make sure that you can start surfing as soon as you move. If you have digital TV and broadband, it’s worth looking at bundles, as these can often be cheaper than using individual providers.

Tech essentials are more important than ever for your new home.

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Heating and cooling

You don’t want to spend your first few days at home wrapped up in blankets and duvets, so make sure the heating system is in good working condition before you move in. If you need to upgrade, it’s well worth checking out modern innovations that enable you to control your system remotely using an app on your phone. You can set a thermostat to keep the temperature stable, but you can also turn your heating or A/C on or off at the touch of a button even when you’re not at home. For more useful heating tips, you may find this page useful

If you’re moving soon, you may be focused on packing up your home, but it’s worth thinking ahead and taking steps to ensure a seamless move. If you know that you’ll want to watch TV or use the Internet on day one, take steps to get sorted in advance. It’s also really beneficial to look into home security and insurance to protect your new property and to consider modern heating options to make sure you’re comfortable from the outset.

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