About Us

Me with my fave coffee mug!
Hello! My name is Kay.
My husband and I have six children
and twelve grandchildren.
We are also proud great-grandchildren of two great-grandsons!


We live on a farm, in the beautiful state of Texas.
We raise chickens, ducks, geese, doves, and other various assorted fowl,
as well as one cow, two full sized donkeys and one miniature donkey.
We have several dogs, cats, and one cockatoo as well.


We love the outdoors and our hobbies include
camping, bird-watching, hiking and fishing.
I personally love to crochet, scrapbook, and craft.


The name of my blog, The More The Merrier,
is something I say
every time we get a new grandchild, or new animal.


Here is my Review Team
My Family
My oldest son Kris, his wife Mary, and their family.
My middle son Mike and his family.
My oldest daughter and her family.
 My youngest daughter and her family.
 and last but not least, my two boys left at home Mitchell, and Dustin.
The boys, with their dad.
 I will try to keep these pages updated with fairly recent pictures, but I am not promising! If you feel a need to know more about me, you can always contact me at klcmaher@moreismerrier.com.