High On Life Thursday! Tell Us What Inspires YOU!

I am really starting to get into this! This past few weeks I have been campaigning for a sponsor for a giveaway blog hop I signed up for. Yes. I just jumped in, and signed up, having only done only one giveaway, and having never emailed one company to ask for a product to review or […]

Wordless Wednesday

Fresh eggs, just washed and ready to be dried off and put in cartons. These are all from our hens. The little ones on top in the back are Bantam eggs. They are only about three inches from top to bottom.

Bills, Bills, Bills, and aggravation

Do they ever stop? No, because if there is something you need, or something you want, you are going to have to pay someone for it. I pay the electric bill. I pay the internet bill. I pay the phone bill. What? “What about the water bill?” you ask? There is no water bill. We […]

Tuesday Tell Us Something Good Blog Hop!

I have something really good to share with everybody! Blog Hops really DO WORK! If you are having trouble growing your following, and pulling down your Alexa rating, hop into a few blog hops! Follow a few people, and when someone follows you…FOLLOW BACK! Leave a comment on their blog too. The only way to […]

Want an Affordable Way to Eat Out Occasionally?

Have you cut back on eating out? In this day and age, with the economy being what it is, we have learned it is cheaper to just cook at home. I know I need to get out once in a while though, and Father’s Day is the next best excuse. With only one ‘real’ income […]

A Little of This, A Little of That

“Deal”iscious Mom is giving away Hawaiian Kettle Style Potato Chips. We are not talking just a bag of chips…she is giving 4 bags (one of each flavor) to one lucky winner. I personally love the Sweet Maui Onion Hawaiian Kettle Style Potato Chips. These chips are so wonderful! They aren’t greasy and they don’t break […]

Alexa Blog Hop! Improve Your Alexa Ranking!

This hop is hosted by Spearmint Baby and co-hosted by Ourfamilyworld, Kelly’s Lucky You and Scraps of Life.What is an ‘Alexa’ Blog Hop? Well, it is like any other Blog Hop but it is for the express purpose of helping  you raise your Alexa Ranking. ??? Alexa Ranking??? This is a way for Sponsors (brands) to […]

Cars 2: The Video Game

The whole gang from Radiator Springs is back! They have an awesome movie coming out June 24th, but the video game comes out three days earlier! Cars 2: The Video Game is made by the makers of Toy Story 3: The Video Game, so it has to be just as good, right?! You can train as one of […]

Giveaways for the Whole Family, Even Your Dog!

One Day at a Time has a nice little gift for your favorite canine. I love seeing giveaways for pets! I guess it has something to do with living on a farm…lol. This is the coolest bandanna for your dogs collar. One reader will win one bandanna, and one reader will win a 3 month […]

Fun Summer Giveaways

I couldn’t wait to enter The Life of a Sippy Cup Mom’s giveaway for an All Glammed Up Bratz Doll! These dolls have been around for a while, but if you remember they were pulled off shelves for a while until an ownership issue was cleared up. I have two of the little Bratz Dolls they gave […]