31 Day Photo & Prompt Challenge – Day 18

Something I Am Afraid Of I want to start with something I am not afraid of… Why does everyone think all girls are afraid of snakes? They are not. I am not. From a young age, I had a fascination with them. In grade school I had a little grass snake that got loose in […]

31 Day Photo & Prompt Challenge – Day 17

Are You Named After Anyone?I have the honor of being named after not one, but TWO people! First I have to say, although I absolutely love the two people I was named after, I have always felt like my name came out of a book about hillbillies in the Ozark Mountains. I guess it doesn’t […]

31 Day Photo & Prompt Challenge – Day 16

My Least Favorite ChoreWhat kind of topic is that? They are all my least favorite. I have come to a point in my life though, now, that I realize none of them are that bad. No specific chore I have takes that long, and my children are at an age where they can, and do […]

31 Day Photo & Prompt Challenge – Day 15

Something That Bugs MeI suppose there are several things that bug me. Things that bother most normal people.Drinking out of the milk carton, one of the boys doing something just to make the other get upset, those inconsiderate people who leave their grocery cart in the middle of a parking spot when the cart return […]

31 Day Photo & Prompt Challenge – Day 14

One Thing I Want To Do Before I Die When I started thinking about this, I couldn’t really think of anything. The only thing I ever really wanted to do was have a little piece of land so I could have some chickens, and maybe a few cows. I have that now. The more I […]

31 Day Photo & Prompt Challenge – Day 13

How I Relax Sometimes relaxing is impossible. I am the parent of two young boys (already active huh?) with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Ok, alot of people just rolled their eyes up in their head and said “Another parent drugging their kid so they dont have to deal with them”. Yes, you did, I felt […]

31 Day Photo & Prompt Challenge – Day 12

Something I Do Every Day The challenge today was to post something I do every day. I thought to myself, “How boring. There is nothing abnormal, strange or interesting about the things I do every day.” All of you do alot of the same things I do on a daily basis…laundry, dishes, cooking, blah, blah, […]

31 Day Photo & Prompt Challenge – Day 11

A Photo That Makes Me Laugh Ok, I couldn’t choose just one. Cha-Cha is the comedian in the family…he is too funny to pass up.

31 Day Photo & Prompt Challenge – Day 10

My Favorite Room In My House While my kitchen and living room are split by the bar, they are still basically one big room. These are my favorite rooms because these rooms are where most of our memories have been, and are made. In the thirteen years I have owned our home, there have been […]

31 Day Photo & Prompt Challenge – Day 9

My Most Treasured Item I am taking the meaning of ‘most treasured item’ to mean a material item. My most treasured material items are my rings. This is my wedding band from Joel. I guess every woman would understand why it is important. My next most treasured item is the Zales Millennium Ring. It was […]