NoizyBandz – Wrist Bands That Play Music!

NoizyBandz – Wrist Bands That Play Music!

   My grandson’s birthday is coming up very soon, and I think I have found something that will make him and his mom (my oldest daughter) very happy! Noizy Bandz! Noizy Bandz aren’t just another rubber wrist band. They play music! There are several different Bandz to choose from, and each comes with it’s own […]

God Gave Us Love – Book Review

I was sent this most lovely little book to review – God Gave Us Love. It’s a wonderful little board book, perfect for teaching toddlers about God’s love. It’s part of a series, but stands very well on it’s own. Little Cub learns how to love others as God loves us, and why it is […]

BlogDare March 10 ~ The Whole Idea of ‘Easy’ Before + After Motherhood

The other day my daughter was whining complaining reflecting about how hard some things have become since she became a mom. I had to laugh, I mean, it was an ‘I told you so’ moment. I also had to tell her (because I am, and always have been completely honest with my children!) it doesn’t get any […]

BlogDare March 3 ~ What If You Didn’t Have To Worry About…

So, with this prompt I am supposed to fill in exactly what I am worried about. Something that keeps me from doing something else. Then I am supposed to write what I could accomplish if I did not have that worry. These are the things I don’t really dwell on. These are things that I […]