Mustard Seed Faith Moves Mountains

The Mustard Seed Ministry Our church has a ‘Mustard Seed Ministry’. Through this ministry we are encouraged to come up with ways to help others, ways to plant a seed of hope in others. When one of the members suggested helping the women at the local women’s shelter, it hit home in a spot deep […]

I Am Redeemed

Redeemed, and in the Fast Lane I listen to a Christian radio station (KSBJ) in whatever vehicle I am driving at the moment. This morning when Big Daddy Weave came on, singing Redeemed, for some reason, it really reached in and grabbed my heart. Then my eyes started leaking. I was raised in the Church of Christ. I knew […]

Inspiring Insights with Carla

Once again, Carla has me marveling at her wise insights. She is such a gracious woman, and extremely inspiring. Here is what she wrote this week… “I’ve been observing the behavior of horses for 5 years now, since Melody owns a horse. God sure knew what he was doing when he gave these horses a […]

Inspiring Insights from Carla

  My friend Carla always writes the most inspiring things on her Facebook Status. I finally told her I was going to start sharing her insights with my readers, and got the ok from her to do so. I’m hoping her wonderful words will help someone else in their struggles.  ***** “Watching Melody ride Malachi […]