The More The Merrier ~ Pharoah Quail

Well, we were supposed to have more baby quail hatch out today. Of course, since the last few have been a day early, hubby decided to check them last night. It’s good he did; we had seven new little babies in the incubator! That is a quarter in the upper part of the picture, just […]

New Additions To The Farm – Quail chicks!

I know I should totally save this until tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday, but this little baby is just too cute! This little guy hatched from the eggs that the new quail laid that first day we brought them home. You can read more about that here. He was the first, but we still have around […]

New Additions To The Farm

Well, as my blog title states, The More The Merrier! Hubby and I were perusing Craigslist this weekend, and found someone giving away eight pharaoh quail, so we called, and she still had them as she had JUST listed them! We packed up the kids and a ‘carry cage’ and took off across town to […]

Here A Chick, There a Chick…

Everywhere a chick, chick! We have had sixteen little baby chicks hatch out over the last three days. We hatched them in the incubator. They are all ‘Easter Eggers’ or  Ameraucana mix chicks. “What is an Ameraucana chicken?” you ask. An Ameraucana chicken is a breed of chicken developed in the United States. The name is […]

High On Life Thursday- 5th edition

This is the fifth week of High On Life Thursday with your hosts Christina (My Silly Life) and Heather (Some Kind Of Wonderful!) I think this is my favorite weekly hop. Probably because it is so positive. It helps lift the rest of my week and it helps me make it to the weekend. And […]

Bills, Bills, Bills, and aggravation

Do they ever stop? No, because if there is something you need, or something you want, you are going to have to pay someone for it. I pay the electric bill. I pay the internet bill. I pay the phone bill. What? “What about the water bill?” you ask? There is no water bill. We […]


I know its not Wordless Wednesday, but when my daughter posted this picture on her Facebook, I couldn’t resist. I told her I was stealing it and posting it. She knows this is one of the hazards of being the daughter of a blogger. This is my grandson Cha-cha (nickname!). He had just eaten that […]

5 Minutes for Mom and the Mother’s Day Giveaway 2009

Good Morning Everyone! The kids are off to school, and I am finally taking the time to sit down and work on my blog. There is so much going on here! Aside from getting ready to move the house out to the farm, I have a High School Reunion coming up! Ugghh, 30 yrs! This […]

Spring! I love Spring!

SPRING! I absolutely LOVE Spring! The weather here in Texas (in the Houston area anyway!) is either rainy/thunderstorms or bright sunshine. I love them both, as long as neither goes on for too long! lol! Yesterday we had Easter thunderstorms, complete with black roiling thunder clouds, lightening and lots of loud thunder. By the afternoon, […]

Waddle, Waddle – Quack! Quack!

Six new additions! I just went and picked up the six little ducklings we ordered from the feed store! They weren’t supposed to be in until after Easter, but the lady at the feed store called and told me they had come in early. We got one little male and five little female mallards. They […]