Vintage Thoughts on Friday on the Farm

Vintage Thoughts on Friday on the Farm

Vintage Collector Pieces I’m a ‘collector’. The problem is I have a lot of collections. Since we started remodeling the house, I found I had to start to minimize my collections. One of the collections I am keeping, and will add to periodically are my vintage animal creamers. I showed you two of my creamers […]

Clipa – Clipa – Clipa! Sponsor Spotlight

Clipa – Clipa – Clipa! Sponsor Spotlight

I can’t help it! I just love to say it! This amazing little item is such a wonderful thing to have on hand, or on purse! They have so many beautiful styles to choose from you wont mind wearing it as a bangle on your wrist, or clipping it around your purse handle. As I’ve […]

Fight The Winter Icky’s With Maty’s (Giveaway)

  *I was sent product to facilitate this review. Winter isn’t even officially here yet, but I think all of my grandkids have already had the Winter Icky’s in one form or another. Ok, not the three grandkids in Abu Dhabi. I don’t believe they get Winter Icky’s there…lol. I know that my family’s homes […]

Say ‘I Love You’ in 120 Languages with NanoStyle

I have found the most wonderful Christmas present! NanoStyle jewelry is made from Onyx, Cubic Zirconia, Gold, and Silver. All NanoStyle jewelry is quality jewelry. It is also beautiful, sentimental jewelry! I received a charming Onyx pendant engraved with 24K gold and set in sterling Silver. (It does come in gold too, if that is what you […]

Gutzy Gear ~ The Perfect Accessory for Back To School!

Gutzy Gear is the brain-child of cousins Lauren Bass and Wendy Koolik, and inspired by the patches on  their grandmother’s golf sweater. Their grandmother’s golf sweater was covered with patches from  all the courses she had played. The idea is that Gutzy Gear lets a child ‘wear their heart on their sleeve’…well, ok, on their […]

ToiletTree Products – ToiletTree Bag Review

Do you do a lot of traveling? I don’t but my husbands job has been known to take him on the road occasionally. I’ve been frustrated when packing him up for these trips, because everything has to go into a zippered plastic baggy. It’s bad enough my eco-side is upended by this, but it also […]

Sauce It Up With Country Bobs!

One thing we do a lot of here on the farm is grill out. Why? Well, with temps running into triple digits during the hottest part of the summer, it’s just not real smart to heat up the house by turning on the oven. Besides, I personally love the way food tastes when its cooked […]

Dapper Snappers To the Rescue!

I have skinny boys. I mean, look at them! They are 14 & 11! Alot of it is because the meds they take during the school year for ADHD, totally wipe out their appetite. We have to make them eat. They also have the genetics that make them small, and wiry…like their dad. We’ve always […]

Good Time Charleys ~ Bryan, Texas

This wonderful little establishment is located in the old Charles Hotel in historic downtown Bryan, Texas.  Last Saturday, we took our normal jaunt to Bryan for feed. We make this journey every 2-3 weeks. Since it was Father’s Day weekend, and Hubby got to choose a place to eat out (and me pay for a […]

Skillet Bacon Jam – Love At First Bite!

Almost everyone I know, loves bacon. My family is no exception. My father (who is crazy for bacon) often jokes that when he dies people will drive by the crematorium (he wants to be cremated) and think that someone is making breakfast! He walks or rides his bike to the hospital every morning for breakfast […]