Relieve Pain Naturally with Noxicare (R&G)

As you get older, there are parts of your body, that rebel. When Fall finally decides to roll into Southeast Texas, and the weather starts to cool down, my body likes to remind me that I am no Spring Chicken. Most mornings I have to stretch and test my legs before I try to get […]

Big Flavor from LittleSoya

My boys love home-made fried rice. They want water chestnuts, peas, carrots, scrambled eggs, pork, sausage, and/or any other meat we have left over in the fridge added to it. They aren’t too big on the bean sprouts though. The bean sprouts are my favorite, but we don’t always add them. LOL. What they don’t […]

Have A Biscoff Cookie with Your Coffee!

Do you like a little something sweet now and then with your evening tea or coffee? Or maybe just a glass of milk? I’d like to suggest Biscoff or Anna’s Cookies! This is what the website says about Biscoff’s European cookie…. “Speculoos are decorative caramelized biscuits and they were traditionally used  to celebrate weddings and […]

Zoobies – A Grandchild’s Best Friend!

I’ve loved Zoobies since the very first time I saw them.  What a fantastic idea – to combine something a child always needs with a form of comfort!  I was sent Kojo the Croc to review, and I knew immediately he would be perfect for my grandson, Willie! Kojo has a nice BIG soft blanket […]

Del Monte Fruit Cups ~ The Versatile #SmartSnack

My boys love fruit. Unfortunately fresh fruit doesn’t last long in our house. Why? Well, apples and pears, for some strange reason, usually end up being fed to the cows, horse and burros. If there is one bruise on an apple or pear, my boys won’t eat them. So, how do I make sure my […]

Diva Dangler Earrings ~ Perfect Gift for Back to School!

  Take a look at these beauties! What would you expect to pay for those at your favorite store? What if I told you that you could get them for FREE? MMM HMMM! Nada, zip, zero dinero! These beautiful silver chandelier earrings (sent in a little drawstring bag!) are yours for free when you sign […]

Tantex Leather Conditioner (RandG)

I have always had a secret love affair with leather. Ok, maybe not so secret. My first experience with Tantex Leather Conditioner & Preservative was when my youngest daughter took up softball one summer. When she brought home a new glove that her coach gave her, it came with a bottle of Tantex. He told […]

OOFOS ~ Another Word for Comfort (Review and Giveaway) *CLOSED*

*This Giveaway CLOSED* OOFOS. Yes, it is kind of a funny word, but in my house it means ‘comfort’. These are some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever put on my feet. First let me tell you a little about the company, and then we’ll get into the greatness of these shoes! OOFOS ‘family […]

Totes- Your Umbrella For Rainy Days (Celebrating Dad Spotlight)

Spring is upon us here in the great state of Texas. If it weren’t for all the rain we’ve been getting, I would think it was summer though. The temperatures have been incredibly warm! The humidity is the worst thing, and it is all from the rain! When we get rain, it’s either just a […]

WW ~ Phil’s Roadhouse and Grill

WW ~ Phil’s Roadhouse and Grill

We’ve been driving past Phil’s Roadhouse & Grill for the last three years. Every time we would drive by, we would say we needed to eat there ‘one day’. One day while trying to decide where we wanted to eat out, I thought about Phil’s Roadhouse. I finally convinced Hubby that we needed to stop and try […]