Earthbound Farm Organic {Review + Giveaway!}

Earthbound Farm Organic {Review + Giveaway!}

Thought about eating healthier? Buying organic?   Earthbound Farms has been farming for over 27 yrs. They farm purely organic foods because it protects the health of the Earth’s soil, air and water. Why should you choose organic? Organic food is produced without toxic, synthetic chemicals. This reason alone is important for children, whose growing […]

BlogDare Feb. 8 ~ My Volunteer Work

BlogDare Feb. 8 ~ My Volunteer Work

Volunteer Work Helps Everyone A couple of months ago, my daughter called me, and told me that her church’s food assistance program was looking for volunteers. She and I discussed how I used to stand in those lines, as a single mother, to help put food on the table for our family. I decided it was […]

Cooking with Cook’n! (Review + Giveaway)

I have just found the most amazing software ever! If you know me personally, you know that I am kind of a ‘cookbook junkie’. I love perusing cookbooks from cover to cover, and trying new recipes with new ingredients. The perfect example of this is my cookbook shelf in my kitchen… My real problem is […]

Alpha Hydrox And A Chance At $500 (Review)

I suppose it’s no secret that I am 50. I know most of my readers are in their mid twenties to early thirties, because my demographics tell me so. I feel anyone in their mid twenties to early thirties should be starting to take care of their skin, if they aren’t already. If you start […]

Kroger’s Truly Awesome Chocolate Chip Cookies Review

“Someone’s in our driveway.” Hubby said. You could hear the dogs barking like crazy outside. I looked at the clock, and said, “I’m sure it’s either UPS or the mail lady. I’m waiting for packages.” Of course, it was the mail lady, and she had one of the BzzAgent boxes I was waiting for. As […]

Add a Little Spice To Your Life With House Party!

House Party is a cool web site where you can sign up to host different types of parties depending on your interests and hobbies. I have hosted several House Parties, including a Ben Ten party, Kraft Philadelphia Cooking Creme, Canon Picture Perfect House Party, and many more! House Party provides you an easy step by step outline […]

Lets All Go to the Gooseberry Patch! (Sponsor Spotlight)

Don’t you love the Fall season? I do! The days get shorter, the weather turns cooler, the leaves start to change color. The air even smells and feels crisper. This is when I love to cook, and bake. Casseroles, stews, soups, breads…Fall is the best time for this type of recipe, and Gooseberry Patch has […]

Be Comfortable This Fall With Shabby Apple

I know, I’ve written about Shabby Apple before, but then I told you about their ‘All That Jazz’ Boutique Collection, and the wonderful Fitzgerald dress, as well as some of their jewelry. Today, I want to talk about their aprons!“Shabby Apple has aprons?” You ask. YES! And they are so retro! You will find their […]

Prefense Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer ~ Review & Giveaway!

 The kids are all back in school now, and cold and flu season is right around the corner. Now is the time to start getting ready. Pump the kids full of healthy fruits and veggies, and make sure they take their vitamins every day! I feel kind of out of place with this article, because […]

My Memories Digital Scrapbook Software ~ Review

My Memories Suite 2.0 is a very easy digital scrapbooking software that you will fall in love with the first time you use it. There are tons of design kits and templates you can purchase to use with your software, and all of it is very affordable. First let me tell you a little about […]