70% off AND Early Entries for Christmas in July Giveaway!! has gone back down to 70% off. (It was 80% last week). If you didn’t catch it while it was 80%, catch it now. This is still a fantastic bargain, making $25 gift certificates only $3 each! We have a couple of favorite restaurants where we love to eat. Since feeding all four of […] 80% Off Sale and Giveaway Preview!

Starting today has their gift certificates for 80% off! That means a $25 gift certificate will only cost you $2!! gift certificates are good for as long as you have them. They never expire. That means you should buy gift certificates when the prices are low (like NOW!!) so you can use them […]

Women’s Bean Project ~ Review

The Women’s Bean Project was established in 1989. Their mission is to help women break the cycle of poverty and unemployment. They offer job readiness training opportunities to help women learn skills and find jobs, so they can support themselves and their families. Women’s Bean Project has a large variety of Gourmet Food, Gift Baskets and […]

70% off gift certificates ENDS TUESDAY

Oh, before I forget… has a $25 gift certificate on sale for just $3!! Yes! THREE DOLLARS. This is just one of the reasons I love them so much. These little sales go on often… wait…did I say ‘little’? HA! There is nothing little about 70% off!! Listen though…you have to hurry. This sale ends […]

Wolverine Boots Are So Cool!!

The last day of May I was informed I was the winner of the Grateful Giveaways posted by iGoBOGO. Today UPS showed up with a very light box. When I first took it, I wasn’t sure what it was, since it was so light for its size. When I saw the label, I called the […]

Want an Affordable Way to Eat Out Occasionally?

Have you cut back on eating out? In this day and age, with the economy being what it is, we have learned it is cheaper to just cook at home. I know I need to get out once in a while though, and Father’s Day is the next best excuse. With only one ‘real’ income […]

Country Crock Spread Review

My family uses Country Crock Shedd’s Spread at our table. It spreads easily and has only 70 calories per tablespoon (butter has 100). Don’t get me wrong. I still use real butter when I cook, but in the mornings, trying to spread cold butter on biscuits or toast is a major hassle. Country Crock spreads easily, […]

Polar Bear Creations Waldorf Inspired Dolls and Toys

Do you have a beautiful little girl in your life? A daughter, sister, or granddaughter, that you would like to give a doll to, but all the dolls you find seem to be too big for her little hands? Sue at Polar Bear Creations has the perfect solution for you! I recently won one of […]

Applied Labels LLC Review

I have to say when I first requested these labels for review, I was a little disappointed that they didn’t have different colors for the labels. They are just white, with black print. My disappointment faded though, when the labels didnt! Applied Labels uses a ‘propietary print technology’ that keeps the ink from fading out. […]

Blog review: A Concord Carpenter

If you (or your husband) are a ‘Do-It-Yourself’-er or, if you like working with wood, A Concord Carpenter is a good blog for you to follow. Robert’s blog is about all aspects of home improvement and remodeling. He has product reviews on tools that will help you choose the right tool for the job you […]