Wordless Wednesday ~ It’s Spring!

All of these were taken in our ‘yard’. Since we have 13 acres, its a BIG ‘yard. The first one is the fence line to a pen behind the barn. The wisteria is in a big tree next to our driveway. The rose bush is in front of our house.

Wordless Wednesday ~ Grandbabies….

 Payton. She smiles right after the flash. William, who doesnt feel very good today.

The 31 Day Photo & Prompt Change

I have decided to take part in the blog version of “The 31 Day Photo & Prompt Change”. I am doing it in part to help you, the readers, learn a little more about me. I am also doing it as incentive to help me get in the habit of posting daily (something we all […]

Wordless Wednesday Afghan in Progress

This is the current crochet project. I am hoping it will be the first item for sale in my Etsy shop. When I finish it, and get it posted on Etsy, I will let everyone know. I think it’s going to be a very nice afghan, even though it looks a little lopsided right now. […]

Wordless Wednesday D’s Concert

This is D giving a concert for the family. This was for a major grade in his band class. He had to make a program and have everyone who attended sign it so he could take it back to the teacher. He played three different songs, and did a really good job. The picture is […]

Wordless Wednesday Christmas Concert

My youngest son’s school choir concert was last night. They all did such a beautiful job, I had to share. They call themselves the “Singing Stars” from Lone Star Elementary. Enjoy!

Wordless Wednesday – William

This is William, my newest grandchild.

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday ~ A Day At The Beach   On this day at the beach, these birds suddenly started dive bombing my DH. He couldn’t figure out why… …so he tried to make them leave him alone by waving his hat at them… …the boys heard him hollering and ran to help him…but the birds […]