31 Day Photo & Prompt Challenge – Day 9

My Most Treasured Item I am taking the meaning of ‘most treasured item’ to mean a material item. My most treasured material items are my rings. This is my wedding band from Joel. I guess every woman would understand why it is important. My next most treasured item is the Zales Millennium Ring. It was […]

31 Day Photo & Prompt Challenge – Day 8

A Birthday Celebration In our family birthday parties are generally held at the park. Cakes are either bought at the local grocery, or my oldest daughter makes them. So, here are a few pics of birthday celebrations from our family. One of Daredevil’s birthdays…before he was a teenager and too grown up for cars on […]

31 Day Photo & Prompt Challenge – Day 7

Something I Use Every Day This could be a number of things, but when I was telling my husband what the topic of the day was, he said, “Ha!, computer or crochet hooks, which one are you going to choose?” So, I chose them both, and added my cell phone to the mix. I am […]

31 Day Photo & Prompt Challenge – Day 6

A Favorite MemoryThis is a tough one. . . not because I don’t have a favorite memory, but because I have so many. I think the top ranking memories would have to be the days my children and grandchildren were born. I have favorite childhood memories, like my first pair of white patent go-go boots…or […]

$5 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway from itsThoughtful.com

Right now itsThoughtful.com is giving everyone a chance to win one of 200 $5 Amazon Gift Cards. Ok, your first thought is “Its only $5”. If you have an Amazon account, you know you can stack these gift cards. As soon as you get one, you enter it on your Amazon account and it STAYS […]

31 Day Photo & Prompt Challenge – Day 5

My Day First, for those of you who noticed I updated my Challenge ‘Day’. My last post said ‘Day 3’ when it was actually ‘Day 4’. I missed the first day of the Challenge, and may make it up on Day 31 ~ we’ll see. Now, for the Day 5 post… At 4:00 AM my […]

31 Day Photo & Prompt Challenge – Day 4

An Experience That Made Me Who I Am Today How many times did I start to write this, and then erase it and start over? This short little challenge post turned into a post that could be stretched into a week long series on why women put up with abusive men. I have a long […]

31 Day Photo & Prompt Challenge – Day 3

My Favorite Shows I watch more primetime television than I do daytime television. When I turn on the television in the morning, I turn it to a local news station, my favorite local news station (KHOU-TV channel 11). Sometimes I leave the television on when the news ends, but most days, it gets turned off. […]

The 31 Day Photo & Prompt Change

I have decided to take part in the blog version of “The 31 Day Photo & Prompt Change”. I am doing it in part to help you, the readers, learn a little more about me. I am also doing it as incentive to help me get in the habit of posting daily (something we all […]

Polar Bear Creations Waldorf Inspired Dolls and Toys

Do you have a beautiful little girl in your life? A daughter, sister, or granddaughter, that you would like to give a doll to, but all the dolls you find seem to be too big for her little hands? Sue at Polar Bear Creations has the perfect solution for you! I recently won one of […]