EUREKA! What a great idea!

It hit me this morning! A way to help me post every day, and to help you! Yes! I am going to post the sweeps/contests/giveaways that I enter each day. Ok, maybe not ALL of them, but I will post a good deal of them. This will notify each of you of a good deal […]

What Makes You A Proud Mom?

I have six magnificent children. What makes me a proud Mom? My oldest son holds down a full time job, has three boys, and has gone back to school. He and his wife have given me three beautiful grandsons, one of which was bumped from kindergarten to second grade, because he is so brilliant. My […]

GRRR Pet Peeve of the Day

Why is it that when people are driving on a narrow back road, they think they can take up the WHOLE road? Why is it that, when turning onto an adjoining road, people think they have to turn into the big middle of the road, and not just into THEIR OWN LANE?? I live in […]

Foot Foto Friday!!

Hahahaha! This is so cute! Ok, go to ‘Foot Foto Friday’ on Facebook, and mark yourself as attending. On Friday, take a picture of your feet in the different places you go, and post them, with the location. This would be a blast, if I had Friday off and could run around all over town…lol. […]

BunnyHop BlogHop

This blog hop comes from This Mama Loves Her Bargains, and The Thrifty Things. Thanks! Welcome to our “Bunny Hop – Blog Style” from April 21 – 24th. A crazy fun hop to celebrate the season, make new friends, gain new followers and of course…have fun! Simply follow your hosts and we will follow you […]

Easter Egg Hunt

Tonight I sit, at 10:35pm, contemplating whether I should go ahead and color the eggs now, or wait until tomorrow morning. Considering the fact that I just finished loading the dishwasher, and swapping out a load of clothes from the washer to the dryer, as well as hard boiling three dozen eggs…I think this must […]

Wordless Wednesday ~ It’s Spring!

All of these were taken in our ‘yard’. Since we have 13 acres, its a BIG ‘yard. The first one is the fence line to a pen behind the barn. The wisteria is in a big tree next to our driveway. The rose bush is in front of our house.

RANT, RANT, RANT! On a Tweet Tear…

Why is it that Mommy Bloggers have such a hard time following back the people that follow them on Twitter? Do they really have THAT many people follow them every day, that they can’t open the email Twitter sends when they get a new follower, and click the follow button? Why is it that companies […]

Wordless Wednesday ~ Grandbabies….

 Payton. She smiles right after the flash. William, who doesnt feel very good today.

31 Day Photo & Prompt Challenge – Day 31

FREE DAY!!!…well Sort Of! Today is the last day of the 31 Day Photo & Prompt Challenge. It is supposed to be a free day, but since I missed day one, I made the mistake of saying I would write the first day challenge here. That is, A Picture of Me, and 10 facts…. Ok, […]