New Grandchild News! Happy News! My youngest daughter has recently informed me that I am once again going to be a Nana! This makes grandchild number nine. I will officially have enough grandchildren for a baseball team. I have informed my children that they must buy family memberships to our local zoo because my grandparents […]

And Even More…

We are moving to 13 acres that my DH parents owned. DH’s father passed away on March 5th. He really missed his wife, who passed away last year. Now they are together, and I know he is much happier. The land was left to DH and his siblings, but someone has to take care of […]


Well its the New Year…2009. Another chance to start over and try to make a new start. A chance to try to improve all of our mistakes, and misstarts from last year and the years before. My new years resolution? Its the same resolution I repeat every year. My resolution is to simply try to […]

An Introduction….

Hello!   My name is Kay and this is an introduction of my blog, and family, to you! I have four grown children and two still at home. Three of the four grown children are married and have children of their own … my six wonderful grandchildren. We are a real (I wanted to say […]