Wordless Wednesday ~ Babies of Spring

Wordless Wednesday ~ Babies of Spring

Spring Babies These sweet Spring babies are our newest additions. The duckling is a Crested Mallard. Not sure if its a he or a she, won’t know until it feathers out. The same thing pretty much goes for the little goslings too, only feathers wont matter. With the goslings, we just wait and watch their […]

Friday On The Farm ~ First Babies of 2013

Friday On The Farm ~ First Babies of 2013

First 2013 Babies It’s Friday On The Farm again!  We had six new quail chicks born 2/27/2013, hatched in our incubator. They are the first babies hatched in the incubator this year! These are Texas A&M chicks, which means they will be pretty much all white. Since four of them have the brown dot on […]

WW ~ New Ducklings!! {With Linky}

New baby ducklings hatched three days before Christmas!! Aren’t they adorable?! I’m hoping mama keeps them nice and warm over the next few days. We are supposed to have freezing temps! Add yourself to the linky and show me your Wordless Wednesday posts!!

Easter Egg Hunt

Tonight I sit, at 10:35pm, contemplating whether I should go ahead and color the eggs now, or wait until tomorrow morning. Considering the fact that I just finished loading the dishwasher, and swapping out a load of clothes from the washer to the dryer, as well as hard boiling three dozen eggs…I think this must […]

Spring! I love Spring!

SPRING! I absolutely LOVE Spring! The weather here in Texas (in the Houston area anyway!) is either rainy/thunderstorms or bright sunshine. I love them both, as long as neither goes on for too long! lol! Yesterday we had Easter thunderstorms, complete with black roiling thunder clouds, lightening and lots of loud thunder. By the afternoon, […]

Waddle, Waddle – Quack! Quack!

Six new additions! I just went and picked up the six little ducklings we ordered from the feed store! They weren’t supposed to be in until after Easter, but the lady at the feed store called and told me they had come in early. We got one little male and five little female mallards. They […]