Smooth Move: Settling The Kids In Your Dream Home

Smooth Move: Settling The Kids In Your Dream Home

Buying a new house outside the city and in a family-friendly neighbourhood is one of the biggest achievements for most parents. Getting out of the fumes, the traffic and the crowded school system is always a bonus, but moving to a safe and friendly area is the goal that most parents dream about. The trouble […]

Top 5 Moving Hacks from My Guys Moving!

Are You Moving Soon? I detest moving. I think somewhere in my subconscious there is a little guy who hates it as much as I do, and he is the one who pushed for me to purchase a mobile home when I was looking at houses. When I move, I just box the stuff in […]

It’s TIME!! We are Moving!!

And Even More…

We are moving to 13 acres that my DH parents owned. DH’s father passed away on March 5th. He really missed his wife, who passed away last year. Now they are together, and I know he is much happier. The land was left to DH and his siblings, but someone has to take care of […]